eBay forums update (bye bye “Pinks”)

By Chris Dawson June 10, 2013 - 10:08 am

New eBay Boards Banner
eBay Canada have announced that they will soon be . Although this has only been announced in Canada it would appear somewhat unlikely that the changes won’t roll out to other sites in the future – It wouldn’t make sense for eBay to maintain multiple forum platforms.

Changes to the discussion boards always seem to be contentious, it’s the one place on eBay where fellow buyers and sellers can meet, chat and discuss (sometimes less than favourably) eBay and how eBay are running the sites that sellers make their living on. They’re always most alive when eBay announce site changes and in the past suspicion has been that eBay are changing the forums to limit distension amongst their customers, especially when certain boards have been closed.

eBay say that the main changes and new features

A new “ask a question” feature

The ability for you to give kudos to other users’ posts

When you ask a question, you’ll be able to see when an answer is posted, and then “Accept the Solution” if you think the answer is a good one. Every time you accept a solution, you help other members who may have the same question find their answer even faster!

Community-only profiles and avatars will be replaced with your eBay user avatar and information

No more “Pinks”

“Pinks” are dead and gone! Posts from eBay employees will no longer be pink, but will identifiable by a blue box surrounding the post. Come on eBay, “Pinks” have been around almost as long as eBay itself, surely the techies can change a little bit of code to make blue display as pink?

eBay say that the main structure of the board will remain the same, as will announcements, search and navigation. As always you’ll still be able to log into the boards with your eBay user name and password.

eBay Canada have a on what the new boards will look like.

  • Ross
    4 years ago

    Given the amount of abuse they tend to get, blue is probably a more apt colour!

  • Steve
    4 years ago

    I have no idea what an ebay avatar is.

    • radroach
      4 years ago

      At the moment I have a different avatar on the discussion boards than on eBay “my world” – it sounds like the latter will also be used on the discussion boards in future, once this is applied?

      Many many eBayers don’t use avatars though!

  • 4 years ago

    Will Liveworld still be running the moderation and backend of the discussion boards?

  • 4 years ago

    Lithium is the company that will be taking over for Liveworld.

  • nc
    4 years ago

    “limit distension” …

    & limit dissention, or more correctly dissent, too.

  • yvonne wiltsihre
    4 years ago

    Can anybody help me out here i have been selling on Ebay for a while not doing bad until May .I believe Ebay have changed a few things my sales and thousands of others had complaint of 1 or 2 sales now of none for days this is very unusual . Can anyone shed any light on this .I have got so bad i am thinking of shutting my account down
    Thank you for any information

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