eBay Community Forum Update UK & IE

By Chris Dawson June 27, 2013 - 10:20 am

New eBay Boards Banner
eBay announced three weeks ago that they’d be updating the eBay community discussion boards in Canada, and today it’s the turn of the .

From the 9th of July eBay will be placing the forums in “read-only” mode for a few days to perform the migration and upgrades.

Pink PosteBay say that “you’ll enjoy a better experience, afresh new look and great new features”, one of which is that eBay “Pinks” will no longer be Pink, their posts will now appear in a blue box instead of having the familiar pink banner to identify them. (I’m still at a loss as to why eBay can’t change the colour to pink, it’s just an HTML colour code!)

Main changes and new features for eBay forums

The main changes are the same as those previously announced

A new “ask a question” feature

The ability for you to give kudos to other users’ posts

When you ask a question, you’ll be able to see when an answer is posted, and then “Accept the Solution” if you think the answer is a good one. Every time you accept a solution, you help other members who may have the same question find their answer even faster!

Community-only profiles and avatars will be replaced with your eBay user avatar and information

You’ll still be able to use the same eBay user ID and password to log in and all old posts will be migrated to the new boards, which we understand will no longer be managed by LiveWorld. LiveWorld are getting out of the community board management game (although as of April this year still had $1.7 million owed by eBay – running the boards isn’t cheap!)

It’s likely the new boards are to be managed by Lithium. Lithium already power Skype’s community and Skype although now owned by Microsoft was once owned by eBay.

eBay say that they’ll continue to moderate the boards, so we look forward to seeing the friendly familiar Pinks online… although I’m not so sure I can bring myself to call them “Blues”.

  • censorship on ebay
    4 years ago

    I directed users of the discussion forums to this post – and Liveworld removed the post and cancelled uy account !!!!

    • 4 years ago

      Cancelled your account! That’s going a bit harsh on the old moderation 😮

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