Discovery DVDs 2014 release date on Amazon!!

By Chris Dawson June 7, 2013 - 4:32 pm

Discovery-Titles-on-AmazonI’ve been trying to buy some DVDs on Amazon but for some reason they’ve suddenly become unavailable to purchase. These aren’t new titles, they’re DVDs that have been out for years and are freely available on eBay.

I first noticed that a Discovery Channel DVD had a release date of the 3rd of February 2014 and when browsing it appears that a large number of Discovery DVDs have all had their release dates changed to the same date. These DVDs, some of which have already been released for years, should be available, if not from Amazon at least from third party sellers.

It would appear that a mistake has been made somewhere and for me it simply means that I’ll be purchasing on eBay. However I imagine it’s a little bit more serious for third party sellers who have Discovery DVDs in stock and aren’t able to sell them on Amazon.

Hopefully Amazon will get this issue resolved in the near future, but in the mean time if you’re looking to sell Discovery DVDs don’t be surprised if you find yourself unable to list them on Amazon.

  • elvis
    4 years ago

    Amazons dates are in chaos at the moment. I got items I am selling daily and the time it says i need to dispatch them by is 1st January 2011. Yes 2011 lol.

    Bad part is amazon are putting strikes against my account for it for late dispatch and late delivery. I’ve contacted them several times and they say they won’t remove the customer metric stikes.

    • Pete M
      4 years ago

      Slightly off topic:

      …but I tried to list Windows Vista Ultimate the other day and was told I couldn’t, yet other versions (Windows Vista Home Premium) were acceptable. Is this Amazon in collusion with Microsoft or do I need to be a bigger player?

  • Bryn
    4 years ago

    This Discovery channel situation is a big issue for a few of us sellers who have stock which we are unable to sell. There are dozens of titles involved and many are titles which have been available for years

    Amazon have been aware since Thursday but as yet seem to have done nothing.

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