Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland Stamps

By Chris Dawson June 17, 2013 - 12:44 pm

Classic Locomotives of Northern IrelandWe know we’ve got a few Steam Train fans on Tamebay, in fact in the past we’ve had to put out a little request that they refrain from discussing their hobby.

Today’s an exception though, Royal Mail have issued a new set of stamps featuring Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland and seeing as I was over in Northern Ireland last week I couldn’t resist posting Royal Mail’s new stamps on Tamebay.

The stamps go on sale from Tuesday the 18th of June in Post Offices across the country, or you can of course purchase them online direct from the Royal Mail website. A Miniature Sheet will only set you back £3.54 so for all our steam loco loving readers go get yourself a set.

If you have an store then don’t forget that eBay have recently lowered fees in the stamps category in the US. Reselling the stamps for US collectors will cost you less from the 27th of June!

PS… Feel free to discuss all steam train related matters in comments below, but please do restrict them to this post only!

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