22nd – 23rd June 2013: 100 free auction listings for private sellers

By Dan Wilson June 21, 2013 - 2:57 pm

There’s a little pricing promo on eBay UK this weekend for private sellers: 100 free auction listings. Needless to say, there is a screed of Terms and Conditions.

Here’s what eBay say:

“On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 2013 (local UK time), registered Private Sellers (subject to the below mentioned seller restrictions) who list up to 100 listing(s) (with a starting price of £1 or more) in an eligible category using the Auction-style format on, will not pay an Insertion Fee per listing.”

  • radroach
    5 years ago

    So now they’ll all be able to re list their unsold items from the ten day only zero insertion fee promotion of June 13th, when they end on Sunday. Deep joy.

    • BMW
      5 years ago

      Radroach – what do you think is wrong with re-listing for free?

    • radroach
      5 years ago

      If listing is free, there is less incentive to set competitive opening bid prices, as it costs nothing if the item doesn’t sell. I’m not objecting to one re list of an unsold lot, but some things are appearing repeatedly, whenever there is a zero listing fee offer, with little prospect of ever selling.

      It makes the site less interesting (the same things keep coming up on a regular basis in “my favourite searches”)

    • bmw
      5 years ago

      Yep – I get where you are coming from – I am one of the offenders I’m afraid.
      Mind you I DO think my items are worth re-listing – don’t we all – but I have another reason too. It is the only way I know of to keep them “live” rather than have the rigmoarole all over again after 60 days. I would much rather keep certain items off for a few months or more but oh! – the thought of going through it all again!
      Interesting to hear other peoples opinions – you can learn a lot.

    • mw
      5 years ago

      Let’s not forget that whilst private sellers(inexperienced sellers but experienced buyers perhaps) are busy spending 10 to 30 mins per item listing on ebay they are not buying anything. In theory that could be as much as 1000 to 3000 minutes on site not buying anything! If I were ebay I would be much more concerned over that than anything else. As a seller that concerns me much more.

    • BMW
      5 years ago

      That is interesting – I’ve never looked at it like that. All the more reason for a “storage” system for the non-techie types like me who find it scary. That is why it takes me an absolutely age to list my items – dead worried about making an error! Is there a way of simplifying this I wonder?

    • 5 years ago

      Certainly take the points about only being able to physically do one thing at a time. You can either buy or sell but not both at the same time. However is there any guarantee that if the listings were not free that the various people concerned would spend that “spare” time buying? Or could they be digging the garden, doing the washing up, watching TV etc.

      If a parent lists the various items from around the house that they no longer use and if they sell then use the monies received to buy other things that they want, new or indeed secondhand, from ebay surely that is what the system is designed for. If there is no free listing surely they will go back to advertising in the local shop window or in adverts in the local paper and when they sell they will tend to buy what they need from the same source.

  • JD
    5 years ago

    I have always been for and against ‘free listing’ days.

    The argument about whilst they are listing they are not buying is rubbish! If they list and then sell then they have the money to buy!
    And that is the pratical reality.

    For ‘free listing’ days:
    Selling gets money to buy – recycle the cash. eBay win win.

    Against ‘free listing’ days’:
    Unrealistic start prices and never selling items going around for the umpteenth time. Buyers see the same old items as newly listed time and time again. eBay lose lose.

    ‘Free listing’ has no value. I would much rather CLD for a penny or two a pop (CLD – remember them?). That way the ‘seller’ has to take at least a minimal risk.

    Go on eBay dare you to give it a go.

    • mw
      5 years ago

      CLD?? Give us a clue please.

      I can’t buy and sell at the same time, can you? Most will focus on one over the other, especially newbies to selling which many private sellers may be. The point still stands: Whist items are being listed, buyers are not buying for however long that it takes them to list – short-term loss for sellers and short-term loss for ebay.

      You make the point “IF” the items sells.
      If it does not then what then? No money from a sale means no buying is your viewpoint. And what of the fruitless for all parties listing time already spent?

      I’m not in favour of these freebies as I think they are more of a distraction for buyers. Puerly a personal view.

    • radroach
      5 years ago

      CLD = Cheap Listing Day

      Sometimes half price:

      Sometimes at a fixed cost such as 5p:

  • 5 years ago

    Is it just me or are spammers getting meaner these days? In the old days they used to tell you how great the article was but now they directly insult the readers? I had one several months ago tell me my blog looked like it was made by a 3 year old and then post his link to his webdesign firm.

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