The definite guide to online selling for beginners

By Chris Dawson May 9, 2013 - 1:20 pm

Definitive Guide to Online SellingWe often get asked “How do I start an online business” but we’ll no longer have to answer that question. Our friends at Parcel2go have put together “The definitive guide to online selling” with everything the casual seller to hopeful entrepreneur needs to know.

The guide runs through which marketplace to start with, what it’ll cost to sell online, getting started with eBay, and everything you need to know to get set up on Etsy. It doesn’t stop there though but covers eBay SEO and Google Adwords, social media marketing and even what to do once you’ve sold your item.

If you’re the local online guru, forever being asked by your friends and colleagues how to list online, then save the URL to the guide and recommend some self help. Experience tells me that if you list one product or make one purchase for a friend they’ll keep coming back to you and never set up their own eBay, Amazon or Etsy account. The definite guide to online selling will tell them everything they need to know to get started on their own.

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