Royal Mail “Click and Collect” from Post Office

By Chris Dawson May 29, 2013 - 11:32 am

Royal Mail featPost OfficeRoyal Mail and the Post Office will launch later this year the UK’s largest ‘click and collect’ network to support online shopping growth aiming to provide convenient parcel delivery options for online retailers and their customers.

The Post Office has the largest retail network in the UK, making them ideal locations to provide convenient, secure parcel collection facilities. 99% of the population lives within three miles of a Post Office branch. Around 10,500 Post Offices will be taking part in the initiative which will enable online retailers to offer shoppers the opportunity to order items for collection at their local branch.

The Post Office is modernising its network. More and more of its branches are opening for longer and more than 4,000 will offer access to items ordered through click and collect outside the usual Post Office opening hours. With many branches open seven days a week, the Post Office network can offer even greater convenience for customers collecting their online shopping.

Of course the Post Office isn’t convenient to everyone which is why retailers should offer a choice of delivery options but your Post Office is probably closer than your nearest Royal Mail Delivery Office and certainly will have much longer opening hours.

Royal Mail do of course also offer delivery to home, or to a neighbour for safekeeping which is likely to remain the preference for the vast majority of customers and Royal Mail expect this to continue to be the case. Choice is important though and for some, Click and Collect is preferable to knocking on a neighbours door looking for their parcel.

Royal Mail is currently talking to a number of large online retailers about integrating this service into their websites later this year and plan to extend the Click and Collect service to smaller retailers in 2014.

  • Inspector Gadget
    4 years ago

    What??!! Most Post Offices close at 5pm where as the local sorting office is open till 8pm.

    • 4 years ago

      Around my neck of the woods the Delivery Offices are only open for parcel collection until 1pm – no chance of collecting after work or in the afternoons. Most people are pushed to get there in their lunch hour!

  • 4 years ago

    Across Rural Britain most Villages have a Post Office. The nearest sorting office is often many miles away. Again in Rural Britain many Village Post Offices form a part of the Village Shop and Post Office.

    So even if the Post Office Counter is closed the rest of the Shop is still open. So it may be possible to arrange it that out of Post Office Counter Opening Times it is still possible to call and obtain a parcel.

    Depending on the arrangements across the country it could be a potentially good system. But there is a problem. Over the years many Local Villages and indeed Urban Communities have lost their Post Office. My own Village does not have a Post Office. My nearest Post Office is some 3 miles away from my Village.

    So in communities like mine it would require the re-opening of our local Post Office to be of any benefit to my Village. So come on Post Office lets be having a campaign to re-open Post Offices across the Country.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      Given that the vast majority of the population live & work in our towns & cities and also have a post office within a reasonable distance what is the issue?
      Rural post offices have shut because there is no money to be made running them under the current arrangements & demand profile – period.
      You have a facility 3 miles away and you should use that so that it stands a chance of remaining viable.
      Opening another post office that close if you are in a rural area with low population numbers is just plain daft!

    • 4 years ago

      Here we go again. Cambridge_Blue has often in the past commented on Rural Issues while making it very clear that he does not know anything about Rural Areas as a Whole. I will agree though that my village is quite small and it is possible that a Village Shop and Post Office might have problems being viable(although there is an even smaller village not that far away that makes their Village Shop and Post Office work) and I do put all of my Post through the Post Office some 4 miles away(I do not use the closest Post Office except on very rare occassions).

      However Villages come in all shapes and sizes. There are many villages considerably bigger than the one where I live which also do not have a Village Post Office. So even if my particular village was too small to support a Village Shop and Post Office there are many others who could support one who do not currently have one.

      In addition in my earlier posting I mentioned Urban Communities. Over the years with the Post Office closing branches there have been many Urban Post Offices that have also closed. Again if the Post Office is going to take on other responsibilities then those Urban Communities also deserve to once again have a Post Office.

      I have often seen the claim about percentages of the population and distance from the nearest Post Office. This has often been trotted out when Post Offices were being closed. There have been many examples of claims of duplication because there is a Post Office only 2 miles away. But it is on the other side of the River and there is no bridge. Or there is no Bus Route. Or the community losing its Post Office is at the bottom of the hill and the remaining Post Office is on top of a hill etc.

      The fact remains that years ago just about every community had its own Post Office and far too many have closed. Often on the closure of the Post Office the community that it served has taken a severe blow. So I would argue that if the Post Office is going to start once again to expand the services that it offers then those Communities without a Post Office should be allowed to benefit and the only way that this can happen is if new Post Offices are allowed to open and not just continue the policy of the last decade or so and continue to close Post Offices.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      As a proud ‘townie’ knowing about rural areas is the least of my problems I am pleased to say.
      Post Offices get closed simply because they have insufficient demand to sustain a profitable business!
      If having a Post Office is so important then there is nothing stopping you and others in your beloved hamlet from opening a Post Office is there now?
      Just don’t expect the rest of us to subsidise it so you don’t have to walk up a hill or swim a river now and again!
      Anyway this initiative from Royal Mail is still welcome and if it helps existing Post Offices survive and prosper then that is a thoroughly good thing.
      Good to see some more innovation from these two State owned ‘institutions’ at long last.

    • 4 years ago

      Post Offices close for a variety of reasons. I will accept that many over the years have been closed for purely economic reasons. However I knew and used one years ago that closed because the Post Mistress wanted to retire and it was located in what had been her front room. So she retired and converted the old Post Office back into her front room again.

      Often in your postings you talk about subsidies. You seem to think that all subsidies flow from Urban Areas to Rural Areas. As far as you are concerned Rural means poverty stricken and Urban automatically means Wealthy. I wonder if there is any real justification for such a belief? I am certain that I have often heard about Impoverished Inner City Areas. Or do you not recognise these?

      My “Hamlet” used to Elect 2 M.P’s back before the Reform Bill. So perhaps it is a little bigger and more historic than a mere “Hamlet” or do you regard any Community with less than say 1,000 inhabitants as being a “Hamlet”?

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      My point about Post Offices needing to trade profitably applies wherever they are located.
      The issue with your comments is that many rural communities simply don’t justify any additional subsidy in this regard.
      There are usually much better candidates for my tax dolars then your Hamlet I suspect.
      And if your Hamlet is so concerned get and organise everybody to pay for a Post Office then – simples.
      The Reform Bill……you really are living in the past!

    • 4 years ago

      The Reform Act. In my case I have a modest knowledge of History. In your case History is earlier today. There is a point about people who forget their History are doomed to repeat it. Which is why there is so much Corruption around today especially amongst the “Ruling Classes”.

    • 4 years ago

      I was thinking about my time in this “Hamlet”. I moved here almost 30 years ago. For the last 6 years I have been an Elected Parish Councillor for this “Hamlet” and I have just been re-elected for 4 more years.

      I know that Cambridge_Blue has little or no respect for “History”. However a couple of weeks ago I submitted Written Evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee and a good part of my evidence was based upon History and where I think that from History it is obvious that we are making very serious errors.

      Now Cambridge_Blue will probably come back with a comment about History not being able to teach us anything. However I would disagree.

      In regard to his knowing more about Rural Economics than me may I remind him that in my 20’s way back almost 40 years ago now I was the Group Internal Auditor of a large company. So I do know a little about economics and can use a calculator.

      As far as Tax “Dollars” are concerned these are used for all sorts of reasons in all sorts of areas. Some areas do well and get back more than they contribute, others less so and get back less than they contribute. I am not certain if my “Hamlet” gains or loses but the lack of a Village Shop/Post Office is forever being mentioned to me and the Parish Council as a need for this “Hamlet” and it is just about possible that one day we might get one.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      History is bunk.
      What next a lecture from you on the repeal of the corn laws and their effect on modern day ecommerce!
      Stop seeking refuge in the past and confront the present.
      The only lesson from history is that we never learn lessons from it and that includes you.
      pip pip

    • 4 years ago

      Others far more intelligent than me have learnt a great deal from History.. Mankind had continued to repeat the same mistakes throughout History and unless we learn from the errors of the past will continue to commit the same errors in the future. How many times has the South Sea Bubble been repeated? because fools have ignored the lessons that should have been learnt.

      If you ignore the lessons from the past I would expect that in the future you will make serious errors that should and indeed could have been avoided. Indeed those that have learnt the lessons of the past have often benefited because they will know what has worked in the past almost certainly will work in the future. Indeed ecommerce still has the same potentials for the lessons of the past to work within it.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      Actually just about everybody is far more intelligent than you it would appear.
      It must be tough being in the pulpit giving the daily sermon and then seeing that nobody is in the pews to listen!
      Just the wind blowing the tumbleweed down the village main street and into the nearest silage pit.
      God bless ‘fools’.
      pip pip

    • 4 years ago

      Grow Up!!

  • Barney
    4 years ago

    “which will enable online retailers to offer shoppers the opportunity to order items for collection at their local branch”

    In our experience a lot of our customers have to do this already…

  • Darren
    4 years ago

    Good. I am a big fan of Royal Mail, and its good to see them waking up to the threats from people like Collect Plus.

  • 4 years ago

    Cambridge_Blue admits that he is a Townie. Nothing wrong with that. He seems also to admit that he knows little or nothing about Rural Areas. Again nothing wrong with that. But yet he is very happy to comment often forcibly about Rural Areas and their Problems. I would certainly argue against that. After all I wonder if he would be all that impressed if I was to comment about something that he knows a great deal about and I knew little. My guess is that he would think me a fool…as I do about him in regard to Rural Areas and their Problems.

    As to me or indeed any other Post Office Customer having to swim a River to get to the Post Office. May I remind him that not all Post Office Users are Olympic Swimmers many are little old ladies or indeed like me (Not so) Little Old Men. Some 40 years or so ago I might have taken swimming a River as a challenge today I might require a Lifeboat to be in attendance.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      I said it was the least of my problems.
      I have probably forgotten more about rural economics then you seem to know given your comments to date.
      God bless little old ladies……but as for (not so) little old men like you…..
      Suggest you learn how to use an old inflatable object you might have to hand and float across gracefully then!

  • 4 years ago

    There you go again. You admit that you know nothing about the Rural Communities that you are so happy to comment(badly) about. Yet you seem to think that you know far more than me. I suspect that in reality you know little but bluster a lot.

    In regard to floating gracefully across any River in the Land to get to the nearest Post Office. To even attempt it would no doubt break numerous Health and Safety Regulations no matter who was attempting it.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      You have chosen where you want to live so if life in the ‘hamlet’ is so difficult for you then go and live somewhere else – like the nearest town!
      In the meantime stop whinging that the nearest post office is up a hill or over a river and get and support the nearest one otherwise it won’t be around for long either.
      This is a good initiative from these two ‘institutions’ and should be supported as it could help existing businesses survive in very difficult times.
      It should also ensure that Collect+ and possibly MyHermes need to remain competitive which is no bad thing either.

    • 4 years ago

      I cannot imagine where you have invented the idea that life in my Village is so difficult. I have been the elected Parish Councillor for my Village for 6 years and have just been re-elected for another 4 years. Part of my responsibility is to try to improve matters for all the inhabitants of my Village.

      All across the Country there are many thousands of Parish Councillors who work hard for their respective Parishes and the people living in them. It would rather defeat the object of being a Parish Councillor to go and live elsewhere.

      Indeed to even think about abandoning the Village I love would be some form of Cowardice. So I suspect that I shall live the rest of my life in this Village and as long as I am able I will be standing for and hopefully being re-elected to the Parish Council.

      As far as supporting the Local Post Office I have explained that I actually support another that is 4 miles away(the closest is 3 miles away). However my choice of which to support is my business and not yours except they are both Village Post Offices.

      But if the Post Office is going to start to expand and develop services I would go back to my first point. That is that some of the many communities that lost their Post Offices should now hopefully get a New Post Office so that they can benefit from the traditional Post Office services that they lost as well as any and all New Services developed in the future.

      I expect that you will go back to your childish claim that everybody should move to towns and cities. However I and many thousands, indeed millions across the country are very happy living in Hamlets, Villages and Small Towns and do not intend or want to live in Large Towns or Cities.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      It most certainly is my business if what you propose affects me by expecting any subsidy whatsoever.
      This proposal is about keeping existing services competitive and it is not about expanding the footprint of post office sites as such.
      That is still driven by the need to sustain a profitable business not about wishing the world was different.
      But do let us all know if a post office should appear in your ‘sleepy hollow’ anytime in the next 10 years.
      God bless ‘dreamers’.
      pip pip

    • 4 years ago

      Through out your postings in regard to my Village I have wondered what in reality it has to do with you. It is obvious to me that you have a sort of Chairman Mao view of the World.

      You live in some Town or City and have decided that because you have a poor quality of life that those of us who live a much better quality of life in Rural Areas have to be forced down to your level. Sorry but I am very happy in my Village and I have no intention to change…although I would like a Village Shop and Post Office but if we don’t get one I shall just have to travel the 4 miles each day to the one that I have decided to use(not the closest but it is nobodies business but mine which I use).

      As I awoke this morning the sun was shining. In the garden the birds were singing the dawn chorus. There was a slight murmur from the traffic on the by-pass in the distance and the occassional sound of a vehicle passing through the village. I opened the curtains and the garden looked beautiful in the morning sun. So why should I even contemplate moving to some abysmal town or city?

    • 4 years ago

      Your point about “not wishing the world was different” is worrying. Our ancestors have always wished the World was different. From our Hunter Gatherer ancestors gazing out from their cave onto a World full of possible dangers right down to those visionaries who decided that we would all do much better if ebay or Amazon or whatever was developed and it is still happening today. Regularly Tamebay carries items about New Inventions or Services all of which have been created by people who wish that the World was different.

      Our Hunter Gatherer Ancestors wore animal skins taken from the animals that they killed for food. If we were following your logic we would still be going out and killing animals and dragging them back to the cave mouth.

      No doubt in your home you have all sorts of modern equipment. Under your logic somebody decided that the World would be much improved if these were designed and they were hoping that the World would be much different indeed improved by their design and manufacture.

      If you are saying that I should not hope for developments in my Village. Such as a Village Shop and Post Office because it is somehow wrong of me to want to see my part of the World changed in this way then I wonder if you really want us to revert to Hunter Gatherers living in Caves. Certainly I do not. I am very happy in my Village.

      You already know that I am the Elected Parish Councillor. Indeed I have been a Parliamentary Candidate as well as a County Council and District Council Candidate in the Past. Indeed I was on the National Executive of the Party at one time. So obviously I do want to see the World not only different but improved. Maybe that is part of why you seem so upset. We are so different.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      The shocking revelation that you are a parish councillor has only re-inforced my already very low opinion of this tier of so called ‘local democracy’ still further.
      They are mostly known for the three ‘P’s – pompous, parochial and pointless!
      Increasingly your hamlet sounds like something from a modern version of Cold Comfort Farm but without the laughs.
      God bless ‘townies’.
      pip pip

  • 4 years ago

    All across the Country there are many thousands of Parish Councillors. Some I will admit may fit your description. However the vast majority of those that I have met certainly do not. The vast majority live in a Parish and want to put something back into the Parish. Many have families that have inhabited the Parish for generations I cannot make that claim having only lived here for about 30 years.

    However if you go into the local Parish Church and walk around the Churchyard the same surnames keep repeating and often they are the same surnames of the current Parish Councillors.

    Yet you are very happy to insult all of these hard working men and women whose roots go back generations and love their Parishes. You make it clear that not only are you so like Chairman Mao in other ways but you are of the same opinion as him about Democracy. In your case because you know little or nothing about Democracy you make totally ignorant attacks upon it and all those like myself who try so hard to put something back into our Community. You really are a totally appalling individual. Totally beyond contempt.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      Your insults only confirm my already low opinion of both you and all your works.
      It says a lot more about you than me.
      To the 3 ‘Ps’ we can now add a fourth in your honour – ‘prickly’.
      God bless Chairman Mao.
      pip pip

    • 4 years ago

      I know what I think of your attacks on me and indeed Democracy in general. I would imagine that across the Country there are other Parish Councillors who long ago in your postings came to the conclusion that you are a prize mark 1 idiot.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      Given your truly outstanding record of posting ever longer & more tedious nonsense you deserve to be corrected at every turn.
      Rarely have I come across so many completely witless & daft arguments that you dream up down there in ‘sleepy hollow’.
      God bless ‘village idiots’.
      pip pip

    • 4 years ago

      Over the years I have been insulted by experts. I would have enjoyed our conversation much more had you been an expert. But unfortunately you are barely beyond the retarded 14 year old. So it is probably time we ended this conversation before you terminally damaged your one operating brain cell.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      After immature reflection I have changed my view about parish councils based on the utter rubbish you spout on here.
      Actually they should be regarded as a form of day care centre where people like you who are so intellectually challenged can be kept secure and safe.
      That way these is a chance we can keep sad individuals with your problems contained and safely kept away from making any important or meaningful decisions in the wider community.
      Now get back to clicking your abacus and start reading any basic economics primer before trying to debate issues about which you are clearly quite witless and ill informed.
      God bless ‘retards’.
      pip pip

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    The old adage has it that we’re never more than six feet away from a parish councillor lol

  • 4 years ago

    Parish Councillors are just ordinary men and women. We do not wear badges or carry any other sign of being elected. You could walk past us in the Supermarket or on the High Street or even sit next to us on the Bus or Train and not realise that we are Parish Councillors. Yet in our own communities we are trying to do what ever we can to improve the lot of our friends and neighbours.

    Remember also that Parish Councillors are not paid and few ever even claim expences for anything that they do. It is almost all Voluntary because we love our Communities. In my case in 6 years as a Parish Councillor I have not claimed one single penny in expences and neither has any of my colleagues on the Parish Council.

    It will probably not be in major ways. We might see a pothole in the road and campaign to get it filled and repaired. A drain that should have got cleaned out but which got missed and we were told that it would not be cleaned out for 12 months or perhaps we just campaigned for a Childrens Play Area in our Village. Not major earth shattering things but things that go a little way to making life just that little better for our Community.

    If these are not to be done by the Parish Council who else would do them? Local Bureaucrats!! Often it is the Local Bureaucrats that we have to fight to get them done. Let me quote just one example. The road surface through my Village was falling to pieces. Yet the County Road Engineers were telling us that the surface was in good condition. After months of hard work they finally agreed to send somebody out to look. He examined the road and confirmed that we were right and the County Road Engineers were wrong. So finally after months of hard work we finally got a new road surface.

    If it hadn’t been for the Parish Council(including me) the old road surface would still be in place and deteriorated from dangerous to just plain lethal. The only problem is that we have been told that the next time it is our turn to have the road re-surfaced my Grandchildren(or even Great Grand Children) might be the local Parish Councillor.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      4 years ago

      Riveting absolutely riveting!
      Here endeth the latest lesson in local democracy in action from the hamlet.
      I am so very pleased that should I ever have reason the drive through your village (which is most unlikely) that the road surface will not damage my Bentley – thank you.
      God bless bureaucrats!
      pip pip

    • Peter King
      4 years ago

      I had no idea the work of a parish councilors was so exciting, round here we just have a council number to call to get pot holes fixed, to think all these years I’ve been missing out on campaigning!

      You should write a book ‘trainspotter of this parish’ it would be a bestseller.

      Remind me again what this has to do with ecommerce in 2013?

    • 4 years ago

      Suggest that you read the whole lot of listings. All this because I suggested that some of the Post Offices closed over the years should be re-opened.

  • 4 years ago

    I must admit that it is quite a while since I have seen the name northumbrian on a posting. Welcome back. I must admit that I have thought that one or two other names might be northumbrian under a different identity. However welcome back.

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    yep just thought we might post now and then with. a name that has made its living on ebay for the last 15 years that someone from ebay might just give some credence to when we whinge about them

  • Henry Nutford
    4 years ago

    Hello chaps,

    When it comes to names from the past and hope for the present, I offer some advice:

    get a room.


    Best regards,

    Henry Nutford
    The South Down’s Beekeepers’ Care Fund
    East Dean Home for the Bewildered

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    help nurse! nurse! that fella with a dual identity has escaped his straight jacket again

  • John R
    4 years ago

    Hermes are increasing their prices from next week.

    • Gary
      4 years ago

      I’ve just looked at Hermes and compared and prices look the same or very similar. The new prices include VAT. The existing prices on the website do not. The 0-1kg band is going and being merged into the new 0-2kg band at the former 1-2kg price and drop off is now the same price as pick up. I guess this enables drop off locations to be paid more making it more attractive for shops to sign up for this enabling Hermes to increase the number of drop off points. Hermes still very attractive for items over 1kg.

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