Linnworks case study: John Pemberton, GMDC

By Chris Dawson May 31, 2013 - 9:46 am

John’s a personal friend of mine and from time to time I’ve been involved with his business, we shared several warehouses together over the years firstly when John’s main warehouse was in Cheshire and he wanted office space and later when we both outgrew our warehouses we moved to larger premises in Swindon. Eventually John’s business grew to the extent that he took over the entire warehouse and is still growing fast.

Initially dealing in high-branded suits, shirts and designer clothing, John’s business soon branched out into footwear and revenues grew rapidly until he’s one of the biggest sellers on eBay for certain brands.

It wasn’t just the stock profile that was growing, John branched out onto Amazon and cross border selling, soon listing on multiple eBay and Amazon sites and after exploring his options John plumped for Linnworks business automation software as the solution to help expand and manage his growing empire.

Having all orders stored in a central location made order fulfillment more efficient as did having inventory for multiple channels stored and accurately tracked in one place. This enabled expansion and After using Linnworks for some time John made use of Linnworks integration with BigCommerce and PlayTrade and added a new Amazon store.

jp_02John has now become a certified Linnworks Partner and Associate, so if you want to find our more about the solution feel free to contact him.

You can also read more about the growth of John’s business in a recent case study published with Linnworks.

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