Free bulk Motor Parts Compatibility Revision

By Chris Dawson May 15, 2013 - 2:53 pm

Froo Bulk Revision lgFrooition announced today that they have updated their eBay Bulk Revision tool to help sellers with the latest eBay update to Motor Parts Compatibility.

eBay are updating their Master Vehicle List to further enhance the buying and selling experience on eBay motors. There are lots of exciting changes to eBay motors; perhaps the best to note is the new introduction of boats to eBay Parts Compatibility.

The problem…

In order to benefit from this update sellers will need to revise and update their Motor Part listings with the correct parts compatibility information. This causes a particular problem for boat part sellers who have 100’s and in some cases 1000’s of listings to revise; costing a considerable amount of time and money.

The solution!

Frooition have updated their powerful eBay bulk revision tool to help Motor Parts Compatibility Sellers.

From the 15th of May, Frooition are making their eBay Bulk Revision Tool Completely FREE for eBay Motor Amendments.

eBay Motor Parts Compatibility sellers can benefit from:

  • Bulk revise parts compatibility listing information completely FREE

    (Revise your parts compatibility information on your eBay Motors, Motorbikes and Boats listings free!)

  • Save time and money on listings

    Parts compatibility allows sellers to create one listing describing a single part and selecting multiple compatible vehicles for that listing; this reduces the number of listings you need to create, saving time and money.

  • Get a boost in search results

    With improved listing details and compatibility information, your listings will appear in more relevant search results and benefit from a boost in eBay search results.

  • Gain more satisfied customers

    As you add compatibility information to your listings you will increase listing accuracy, reduce seller questions and returns while increasing buyer confidence.

  • Increase sales

    By including parts compatibility details in your listings, you will gain more relevant search exposure, which means you’ll benefit with more sales!

In addition to this FREE eBay Bulk Revision Tool, Frooition have developed a separate FREE eBay Category Feature Finder Tool, which allows sellers to easily find what is required for each eBay listing category to further support sellers with this update.

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