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By Chris Dawson March 21, 2013 - 8:42 pm

Something I don’t recall seeing for several years on Amazon are customer testimonials. They’ve just published an interesting story of how Callum Bush went from a disillusioned mobile phone store employee to building his MediaDevil business and winning a string of awards including UKTI’s Business Innovation Award.

Media Devil Amazon Success Story

Callum has built his business on the Amazon UK Marketplace and his feedback is 4.9 stars over the past 12 months with 11,458 ratings. He only launched the business in the summer of 2009 but now sells on Amazon in the UK, Italy, Germany and the US; uses Amazon Product Ads in the UK and Fulfilment by Amazon in the US and Germany to dispatch orders and provide customer service on behalf of Mediadevil. The business has offices in London and Milan, with plans for a North American regional headquarters next.

Callum’s top tips are tips “to only offer a product or service that you are truly passionate about, and to provide the experience that you would hope to receive”.

You can read the full story of MediaDevil on Amazon, but more importantly if you’ve built a successful business on Amazon, they’d like to hear from you. As well as the obvious, helping Amazon, you’ll also get some free PR if your story is published which is pretty much guaranteed to drive views to your products on Amazon, if not sales as well. It’ll also give you a nice Google friendly link from the Amazon Seller Support blog which also can’t do you any harm.

If you do get your seller success story published by Amazon let us know, we’ll highlight your success on Tamebay too.

  • Darren
    6 years ago

    Here’s some PR for you Amazon.

    I would like to say I have just closed my Amazon account because of the lies that customers leave, with no recourse. I am sure you sit at your desks thinking of all the tax you are saving, well you have 1 less customer. No more will I be buying or selling on; having just closed both my accounts.

    Also stop answering messages as “Greetings…” its patronising, and if I want to speak like that I would live in USA. What a screwed up country it is too. I hope it all comes crashing down, Amazon with it.

    • 6 years ago

      I think closing your amazon account due to some negative customer responses is a little quick-footed+ its probably your competitor! Amazon is a hugely profitable marketplace with much higher margins than ebay (I have found)..and with a little TLC can become a major money tree in your companies profits for the end of year. are slowly creeping up too. Amazons support is better than ebay too, so what if they start with ‘Greetings’ People insert smileys into emails, that wouldn’t stop my trading with them…

  • 6 years ago

    “Dear Seller

    I am just writing further to my e-mail of 26 March.

    Your account has no orders, claims or returns that need actioning.

    The funds from your final sales have been sent to your bank and there is a zero balance on the account. Therefore, as requested, I have now completed the closing of your account.”

    Good riddance!

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