SellerExpress add Bigcommerce & RePricing enhancements

By Chris Dawson March 26, 2013 - 12:21 am

SellerExpressThe guys at SellerExpress have been pretty busy with a new partnership giving a BigCommerce webstores integration solution and launching a new SellerExpress website.

The SellerExpress team have been delivering enterprise level solutions to multi-channel merchants for over 10 years but it’s only within the last year they’ve started making their products and services accessible to a much wider range of merchants.

Brendan, CEO at Lucid, the parent company, told us: “Our goal at SellerExpress is to offer our clients a comprehensive yet easy to use solution backed up by the highest level of service. And to provide this at a competitive price with no commissions on sales. Our product development is driven by customer requests and over the last few months we have been busy implementing new developments, features and integrations to help merchants sell and profit more. In particular, we have been extending the choice of webstore integrations in SellerExpress to give merchants an easy way to manage their inventory, pricing and orders on their own website as well as marketplaces. So far in 2013, we have completed integrations with ekmPowershop and Bigcommerce to complement our existing Magento and Volusion integrations“.

The ekmPowershop integration in particular had a fantastic response and has already helped many of their users develop their marketplace ventures. Next up in April will be an integration with the multi-carrier shipping software company Shipworks and a standalone Amazon and Rakuten/Playtrade re-pricer for sellers who want to take advantage of the SellerExpress repricing technology but keep using their existing systems.

SellerExpress links with Amazon, eBay and (soon to become They offer offer a free 15 day trial and a free managed set-up backed up with free support.

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