NatWest, RBS and Bank of Ulster down

By Chris Dawson March 6, 2013 - 11:53 pm

The RBS banking group has issued an advance apology on their RBS, NatWest and Bank of Ulster twitter accounts to those customers who are unable to access their accounts.

NatWest Tweet

It would appear that customers are unable to withdraw cash at cashpoints and also cash cards may be being declined. If you bank with the RBS group you might also not be able to access your online banking.

We don’t know if this only affects personal customers, but the chances are high that it will also affect business accounts. The issue appears to have started at around half past nine this evening

If this does affect you (and hopefully it’ll be fixed by morning) rest assured that it’s not just your account that’s borked. However it won’t make life any easier when you’ve just filled up with petrol and find your card bounces and you’ve no way to make payment!

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