PayPal to get a new look and feel website

By Chris Dawson February 11, 2013 - 10:19 am

PayPal New WebsitePayPal are to get a new website, they revamped their home page back in October last year and have given a sneaky preview of what the new internal website pages will look like once they’re launched.

They say that with the new website you’ll be able to “Take quick action on the things you do the most. Update your personal information and payment methods with ease. And save money with coupons and offers from your favorite retailers”.

PayPal explain that you’ll be able to “See your PayPal balance and other payment methods at a glance. It’s easy to link a new bank account or credit card to PayPal. And now that you’re set up to shop in stores, you can use coupons, offers, and loyalty cards for more savings”.

If you want a preview of what to expect then PayPal have a ton of screenshots on the PayPal New Features microsite. They also reveal options for instore checkout and a seven day grace period during which you can change your payment method (e.g. from your bank account to your credit card or store card for example).

Don’t get too excited though, we’re expecting that this might roll out in the US first and take a few months longer to come to the UK and certainly we won’t get all of the new features such as instore payment until they’re rolled out in the UK.

  • 5 years ago

    Looks good, I like it!

    The left side nav bar should be very handy & speed up the process of finding Settings currently under Merchant Tools.

    Usually I hate these changes but this one looks kinda cool, modern and with improved usability!

    Hopefully those tabs will collapse and open in real time.

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