Harris Poll: Amazon – “A Great Company To Work For”

By Chris Dawson February 18, 2013 - 1:46 pm

Despite the recent news of working conditions for Amazon employees in Germany and demo’s by the GMB in the UK, Amazon has beaten Apple to be named the Most Trusted Company in the US.

The 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient®, which measures corporate reputation for the most visible companies in the US among the general public has put Amazon top of the pile for the first time in the 14 years that the poll has been taken.

Moving up from fourth place last year, the retailer earned a score of 82.62 out of 100. With a score of 82.54, Apple, which held the top spot last year, tailed Amazon by 0.08 points dropping 3.08 points from last year’s score of 85.62.

This isn’t really a drop in Apple’s reputation, it’s simply a big leap for Amazon. Harris say that “More than 50% of respondents in the study recall discussing Amazon in the past year among friends and family, and nearly 100% of those conversations were positive”.

According to the Harris poll, Amazon earned high marks in all of the drivers of great reputation; Trust, Admiration, Respect, Outperforming Their Competition, Playing A Valuable Social Role, and Being A Great Company To Work For!

Many thanks to Tamebay reader Lee, who is in the US on Holiday at the moment. There’s an interesting contrast between the US and EU press coverage of Amazon working environment going on.

  • 5 years ago

    No wonders there really. I have had probably 100+ transactions on Amazon over the last few years and not a single failure in service, not a single one!

  • NC
    5 years ago

    “A Great Company To Work For” –

    maybe if it was non-Amazon workers perceiving Amazon to be “where it’s at” but I doubt many UK Amazon slave-workers will feel this way

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