Ezbob to expand to the US

By Chris Dawson February 8, 2013 - 10:21 pm

Ahead of presenting at Finovate Europe, Ezbob have announced their intention to attack the US market later this year. Expected to launch a US operation in September this year, they said that the US represents the biggest e-commerce market but it was always their intention to attack the US.

The US bank lending is from all accounts just as bad as in the UK, with banks reluctant to lend to SMEs, add that to the lack of understanding of self employed eBay and Amazon business owners and it’s not surprising that Kabbage who have been operating in the US for several years are doing well and that Ezbob want a slice of the action.

Tomer Guriel CEO and Co-founder of EZBOB said “We have had our eyes on the US market since we launched last year. We now feel confident that we can make the necessary adjustments to our system for that market. Since we are a UK company, we decided to launch first and foremost in the UK but the time has come to offer our services to e-commerce merchants in the US as well“.

One thing does surprise me though, and that’s that PayPal aren’t presenting at Finovate Europe, which is billed as a showcase of cutting-edge financial and banking technology innovations. Surely PayPal are are the forefront of payments innovation and have something to share with the world?

  • Puddle glums rest nominated as the most annoying twit on tamebay
    8 years ago

    according to the attendee list paypal are being represented,

    all those financial fiddlers in once place is a good place to stay away from we think

    • 8 years ago

      I can understand PayPal attending, I’m just curious as to why they’ve nothing innovative from the last year to show off with. Are PayPal slowing down on development?

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