ekmPowershop add direct integration to EZBOB

By Chris Dawson February 19, 2013 - 1:08 am

ekmPowershopIn their latest partnership deal, ekmPowershop have linked up with EZBOB to make accessing finance simple for their customers.

ekmPowershop have helped over 35,000 businesses create their own easy to use online shop and today power 1 in every 5 online shops in the UK. Steven Hickey, Head of Business Development at ekmPowershop explained that whilst they have a large customer base of thriving online business a huge segment of businesses in the UK can’t easily borrow from the banks.

ezbob-logoTo qualify for EZBOB’s business loans, an online retailer must have at least one year’s trading history and £10,000 annual sales. Thanks to a direct integration between the two providers, an applicant can share their trading data with EZBOB at the click of a button, saving lots of time in the application process. Getting finance from EZBOB couldn’t be simpler for ekmPowershop users who simply need to enter their username into EZBOB’s online facility for a decision in 7 minutes, and payout within 30 minutes.

If you are interested in accessing online finance, the more sales history you can provide the higher the loan amount you’re likely to be offered. ekmPowershop users will now be able to add their website income to their eBay and Amazon sales when applying for finance with EZBOB.

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