eBay to delete dormant accounts in 30 days

By Chris Dawson February 22, 2013 - 6:46 am

eBay Account Cancel NotificationMy colleague Dan received an email from eBay today informing him they were about to delete one of his old accounts if he didn’t sign in pronto.

We first heard that eBay were going to do this a year ago, dormant accounts were to receive emails giving 30 days notice that if the account owner didn’t log in then it would be deleted.

It looks like the latest tranche of dormant account email notices are being sent out, so if there’s an eBay User ID you’ve always wanted to get your hands on check back towards the end of March and see if it’s become available.

There’s one eBay ID I’ve had my eye on for years but it’s not been deleted and up for grabs yet. I’m not telling the User ID I’d like to grab in case it tips someone else off, but if I win it if and when it does come available I’ll be very chuffed.

By the way… don’t try to grab Dan’s account, he signed in! However if you do manage to snag a prime User ID on eBay that’s just become available do let us know.

  • 5 years ago

    Hey Chris

    Are they definitely making the user ID available again?

  • John
    5 years ago

    Finally, we’ve been pestering eBay to do this for some time now. As far as I know yes they’re definitely being made available.

  • paddy
    5 years ago

    There is one that I’d love to have. Its never had any feedback and its sat dormant for at least 3 years. I’ll have to keep and eye out for it.

  • Gary
    5 years ago

    The one I want was registered in 1999 in the USA, was used to sell 7 items and has not been used since for any sales or for anything for that matter it would seem. Bit of a pain but I make do with what I have got which is similar.

    It is also bad news for ebay as I feel my sales and their fee revenue from me would be higher is they offered this unused id to me! 🙂

    ebay should open up to others all id’s that have had no sales or purchases for 12 months. Maybe ebay could do an id auction “car reg plate” style?

    • Gerry007
      5 years ago

      Re; Maybe ebay could do an id auction “car reg plate” style?

      PLEASE don’t give them ideas on making money……

  • Gary
    5 years ago

    ebay banned id’s with “.com” on the end. Why don’t they say that you can have this appendix added to your id for a fee of £100 a year?

    ebay charge for advertising around the listings.

    Why don’t they allow and charge sellers a fee for advertising their own external websites within their own listings and for including links and so on?

    Immediately fee avoidence becomes a non issue and all of a sudden relations between ebay and sellers improve overnight!

    And ebay can sack the whole fee avoidence team curring their costs at a stroke.

    • Gary
      5 years ago

      If ebay were getting even the minimum sort of income that google adwords generate at 1-2p a hit the revenue generated for ebay from sellers links within listings would probably exceed ebay store revenue and could even exceed FVF revenue in a lot of cases!

      ebay are missing a BIG revenue generating trick here!

    • 5 years ago

      eBay would never do this as this would be used by many sellers as a way to get their eCommerce site established and then leave eBay altogether. eBay needs sellers to survive, in the long run they would lose revenue.

  • 5 years ago

    All the IDs I’ve looked at having are NARU. Any idea if they are becoming available at any time?

  • 5 years ago

    Great, just bagged the one I originally wanted which had been dormant for years! Thanks Tamebay 🙂

  • Jason
    5 years ago

    The one I want is a suspended account withe -1 feedback, not used since 2003. Tried to get it but not available??? 🙁

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