eBay India reduce fees by up to 80%

By Chris Dawson February 18, 2013 - 4:24 pm

eBay IndiaeBay India have just announced permanent for some categories.

Most of the fee reductions are in consumer electronics and Jewellery, with many the result of categories being rolled up into parent categories and inheriting the new fee structure from the parent category. Previously most categories attracted what to the UK would already appear low selling fees of 5% and some fees are now as low as 1% of the final selling price.

It should be remembered that eBay tailor their fees according to the different territories around the world, not only what the market will stand but also how much competition there is and how much investment eBay need to make to attract buyers.

An example of eBay’s differing territorial fee structure is their recent introduction of free listings on all EU sites, eBay Australia and, for sellers who subscribe to an Anchor Store, highlighting the importance of cross border trade for UK sellers.

We’ve yet to hear news of eBay’s UK, EU and US first seller release for 2013, the big question is will we being seeing any fee changes when the seller update is released and if you had to guess do you think we’ll see any changes in fees, either up or down?

(As a side note eBay India are still the only country around the world to have appended the “.in” to the new eBay logo, I really did expect the marketing guys in the US to kick up and get them to display it as per the UK does without the “”)

  • 9 years ago

    They’r reducing fees on for one reason – to get in more businesses to start selling, increase number of listings etc. etc.

    I highly doubt they will decrease any fees on eBay UK. In the past, when they did something like this, they decreased one fee (insertion fee) but increased FVF – so at the end, sellers paid more in fees at the end of the day.

    • NC
      9 years ago

      As a small seller of slightly more expensive-than-average items on Ebay, most of which are one-offs, it’s not cost-effective to operate an Ebay shop.

      Therefore basic listing costs are high & a redistribution of costs from listing to FVF would suit me.

  • 9 years ago

    This must be a good way encourage new sellers to jump in creating competition which ultimately reduce prices of products.

    Wonder what Amazon Company ( is charging?

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