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By Chris Dawson February 4, 2013 - 9:02 pm

Concept Cupboard LogoWhat do you do when you’re a young business with tight budgets but you need marketing collateral, video or maybe just a new logo? Concept Cupboard aims to match businesses with some of the top student and graduate freelancers who will be tomorrow’s Marketing Managers and Creative Directors.

Adam Ball, General Manager of Concept Cupboard explains more:

Source your design and marketing from the nextgeneration of creative talent

Concept CupboardInsufficient or poor marketing is often quoted as one of the top reasons for business failure and this is really not surprising. Unless your cost per acquisition of customers is below their lifetime value then you’re going to be in trouble. This is why it is so important to use effective design and marketing as a competitive advantage against the competition. But how do you do this cost effectively?

Traditionally small businesses would be priced out of approaching agencies or would be forced to approach a high street copy shop for a rather bland experience. They won’t have obtained the quality of design and marketing that they would need to make their business grow.

This pain point was half of the reason why Concept Cupboard came into existence. The other big problem in the UK is that of youth unemployment and especially amongst the creative industries. That was why it was a no brainer back in 2011 to set up Concept Cupboard. In a sentence, Concept Cupboard is an online creative crowdsourcing marketplace connectingbusinesses, from the hottest startups to big brands, with the very best in student and graduate freelancers. From logo design through to film and animation our creatives can produce innovative design and marketing at a price that small businesses can afford.

Benefits to you

The beauty about how Concept Cupboard runs is that a business gets to source a variety of ideas upfront from rising creative stars at prices that smaller businesses can afford. Typically you’ll get between 30 and 50 ideas to choose from on a logo design brief for example.

Benefits to Students and Graduates

Our social purpose has always been to help student and graduates break into a tough industry and by connecting them with real commercial work, a chance to build a portfolio and gain valuable feedback we’re changing the name of the game. Well worth considering to update your brand, shop, website and collateral.

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    Thanks for sharing the article Chris – will be great to see entrepreneurial sellers helping the next-gen of student creatives.

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