68,800 Sq Ft Scottish Fulfillment Center for Rent/Sale

By Chris Dawson February 3, 2013 - 3:44 pm

Are you, or do you know anyone looking for a new location for a UK Fulfillment center? If so there’s a £25,000 finders fee up for grabs.

Terston House hmLocated just five minutes from Edinburgh Airport, Terston House is a 68,800 Sq Ft industrial property in Edinburgh which is fully kitted out as a state of the art fulfilment warehouse. After a £1.5m refit it has all the features you would expect from such a building including security systems (airport scanners), servers, racking packing benches and bulk storage for 2500 pallets. Recently it’s been used to ship 25k orders per day.

Located in the Edinburgh Interchange at Unit 5, 1 Huly Hill Road, Newbridge, Edinburgh EH28 8PH with it’s own car park, the unit has a footprint of 48650 Sq Ft with a mezzanine floor which provides an additional floor space of 19350 SQ ft, providing a total floor space of 68000 Sq Ft. It’s adjacent to the Newbridge Motorway Interchange, which in turn lies at the heart of Central Scotland’s motorway network.

Terston House InteriorWe’d love it if a Tamebay reader was awarded the £25k finders fee, but we also know many ecommerce retailers and courier/fulfillment businesses read Tamebay. If you know of a company looking for new premises, or if you work for a business looking for some prime real estate warehousing in Scotland (to rent or to buy) make sure you mention Terston House.

Full details of the property and finder’s fee offer can be found on the Edinburgh Interchange Website, PDF Brochure available from Rydens, with telephone inquiries on 0131 347 0458 – ask for Susana Garcia.

  • 5 years ago

    i wonder who used to own it..

    • Mark
      5 years ago

      The Google maps listing has it down as “bigdealscashandcarry”, this is confirmed with the signage visible on streetview.

      Their facebook page has customers asking where they have gone, the last official entry on 04/01/13. The last tweet on 06/01/13

  • 5 years ago

    very clever, it didnt occur to me to google map it 😀

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