Marks & Spencer Amazon Webstore case study

By Chris Dawson January 2, 2013 - 12:16 am

When Marks & Spencer decided to put their Outlet store online they gave themselves just 100 days to reach their goal of becoming a multi-channel retailer. That’s a pretty fast turnaround for a retailer that’s been on the high street for over 125 years.

Jeanette Keys, Website Commercial Manager explains that they wanted to be available to their customers anytime, anywhere and as William Gill, Head of Buying and Merchandising adds they wanted to give their customers the Marks & Spencer Outlook experience online.

Marks & Spencer needed to find a platform that would not only allow them to move at speed, but would also scale and cope with the volumes of traffic they expected. They chose Amazon Webstore (somewhat amusingly seeing as one of their main competitors – John Lewis – has been rubbishing Amazon saying they’re killing the High Street!).

William Gill tells how the Webstore has had a halo effect, with increased footfall into their stores as well as increased awareness of the M&S Outlet brand.

Marks & Spencer’s Amazon Webstore, designed by 247 TopSeller, was launched and on day one traffic exceeded all expectations with three times the number of visits anticipated.

If after the Christmas rush you’re now considering a new ecommerce site for the New Year, you can of course find out more about Amazon Webstore online

  • 5 years ago

    I thought this was going to give us some detail about how and what they had done instead it’s just a promo for M+S and Amazon Webstore.

  • Mark
    5 years ago

    It’s a good example though, you can have a feature-rich Webstore which the likes of M&S use for a very small amount per month….

  • TheShopkeeper
    5 years ago

    The whole M&S site is run/hosted by Amazon and has been for ages.

    Why would anyone think they’d choose a different platform to run their Outlet?

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