Ezbob partner with ChannelGrabber for accessible finance

By Chris Dawson January 10, 2013 - 2:09 pm

EZBOB have partnered with ChannelGrabber giving merchants near-instant access to EZBOB loans based on their ChannelGrabber multi-channel store performance data. This means that you can use not only your eBay and Amazon sales data to qualify for finance, but EZBOB will also potentially be able to use your and website sales to increase the amount you can borrow.

“Both EZBOB and ChannelGrabber are innovating within multi-channel eCommerce, supporting retailers’ success across eBay and Amazon” explains Tomer Guriel, CEO of EZBOB adding “We are working with ChannelGrabber to implement an educational model geared with helping small business in the UK and improving E-tailers knowledge of cash flow management”.

Boost growth, improve efficiencies or successfully consolidate with short-term financing

The partnership allows any ChannelGrabber customers to have access to the EZBOB’s lending facility. Daniel Williams, CEO of ChannelGrabber told us “We hope that ChannelGrabbers’ retailers access to online business financing will help them expand their offerings online and we are here to help discuss how to improve their efficiencies, grow and consolidate successfully”.

Daniel added “ChannelGrabbers’ objective is focused on delivering retailers great return on investment – saving time, money and resource by centralising multi-channel eCommerce. We wanted to work with a company who therefore advocated using capital wisely; whether that is to invest in stock, advertising or expanding their marketplaces offerings on eBay, Amazon, Play and own-brand webstores through ChannelGrabber. Each ChannelGrabber customer now has direct access to the financial support they may need.”

In 2013 EZBOB intends on expanding into additional marketplaces, connecting to more data sources, and entering into additional partnerships. Tomer Guriel’s aim for EZBOB is to continue to lead the way in simplifying the way in which Small Business in the UK can apply and receive business financing.

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