eBay test: Updated Search Results Page

By Chris Dawson January 21, 2013 - 8:51 pm

eBay are testing a new version of the search results page, which highlights drilling down by categories more clearly. It also cuts down the size of the header to give a cleaner sharper look to the page. Here’s what the old and new pages look like:

The first thing that stands out on the new page is the advert on the right hand side. It looks new, but it’s not – it’s simply been repositioned from the left hand navigation bar. The selection boxes in the left navigation are now much cleaner, larger and easier to use, especially the price range option which features a slider instead of making the user manually type minimum and maximum figures in.

What I have noticed however, is that some of my favourite search options are now hidden under the “More refinements…” link. Choices such as Express Delivery, Top Rated Sellers and Distance are now hidden away, so one extra click if you’re a power user. The “Completed Listings” link has also been repositioned at the top of the page.

Overall I like the new page though, but what I like isn’t important – with your buyers hat on what do you like/dislike about the new search results page. Is there anything different in the categories you sell in which will make it harder for buyers in the future?

  • Toby
    5 years ago

    Having to use ‘Advanced’ for the Search including Title and description is a right pain, although I like the clean look & the same for the new message centre

  • admiralhardinge
    5 years ago

    This is a better look but sadly flawed in my area. I sell in Toys and Games/Diecast and Vehicles

    Ebay have completely removed the option to search by scale, even under More Refinements – absolutely crazy. This is a key filter for very many buyers. They tend to collect 1 scale, be it 1:43, 1:18 or whatever, and to remove this proves how very little ebay understand about the markets they are operating in.

    Buyers now have to trawl through loads of irrelevant listings to find what they are looking for.

    The problem is to add the scale to search request doesn’t work well. Try searching on Criville 1:12 and it comes up with 2 options. Try Criville Altaya and it comes up with approx 10 options which all include the words Criville and 1:12 which were not found on the first search.

    Or try a model with a huge number of listings, for example Mini. If you are not familiar with the model manufacturer you want, how on earth are you supposed to filter out all the irrelevant listings.

    Not impressed and potentially damaging to sellers. I can see buyers saying “I really can’t be bothered – it is too difficult to find what I am looking for.

    • jd
      5 years ago

      So eBay is considering all those carefully crafted Item Specifics as junk?

      I hate to think how many man years eBay sellers may have (potentially) wasted.

  • Gary
    5 years ago

    Not keen on loss of “auction/buy it now” format options from top of list.

    Apart from this the change does improve the readability of the search result as less eye movement is required from left to right as the search result view is not as wide and larger fonts are used for the listing titles.

    Where is the “customise view” link on the new?

    • JD
      5 years ago

      I am seeing the ‘new’ page on .com (but without any ads on the RHS).

      The ‘customize search’ can be accessed from the dropdown at the right hand side that just shows ‘view’ on the screenshot.

  • well, whatever they have done my sales have totally collapsed-so it looks like the new system is not working.

  • Gary
    5 years ago

    Does the “new search” page have a “new search” algorithm?

    I have noticed in the comparison image above that the listings shown are different.

    Yet another “new search” algorithm for ebay to manipulate it would seem.

  • JD
    5 years ago

    Have got this on the UK site at the moment.

    A further size of thumbnail picture is required to assist when browsing a large number of one-off type listings. The size should be selectable from the customize options and be ULTRA small.
    The title and description search selector should be brought back to the header, especially in view of the lack of search options at LHS.
    What happened to ANY options generated from item specifics? Have sellers wasted millions of man hours by carefully creating these?
    The new page looks very anaemic.

    The ‘tell us what you think’ link is just about hidden at the bottom of the page. Suggests that comments are not that welcome – link should be top right ‘in yer face’.

    Ah – eBay always knows best.

  • User dad
    5 years ago

    Why have ebay removed the auction/buy it now etc tabs? I always search by auction first then the others if I can’t find what I want. Software writers always fiddle to make sure they stay employed. And to wind us up it seems.

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