Free “Global Selling with Amazon” Guide

By Chris Dawson December 2, 2012 - 11:43 pm

Are you selling internationally? Research from Linnworks shows that sellers that do are generating up to 19% more revenue than sellers that only ship within the UK. If you’re not selling internationally then Amazon have just published a Global Selling Guide to show just how quickly and easily you can sell to overseas customers with Amazon.

Amazon are offering the guide free to all online retailers and gave us a taste of what you can expect to learn:

Global Selling with Amazon Guide

E-commerce has revolutionised the world of retail, opening new channels and opportunities for retailers of all sizes. You can take advantage of the phenomenal growth in retail sales conducted over the Internet by expanding your business globally with Amazon. Amazon has marketplaces around the world-United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, and Japan-and the services and tools to help guide sellers through the global selling process. Every day Amazon is looking at opportunities to launch into new marketplaces, so your business can expand as we do.

We prepared the Global Selling with Amazon Guide to help sellers expand their business globally by providing an overview of this opportunity, steps that you should take when you expand your business to other marketplaces, and some solutions developed by Amazon to help you sell and fulfil your customer orders. The manual also includes information on various topics to help you sell internationally, including:

– Customs
– Taxation
– Intellectual Property Rights
– Parallel Importation
– Export Controls
– Markings and Labels
– Environmental, Health & Safety
– Product Compliance
And more

Let Amazon help you take the next steps to sell your products globally. You can also download the guide direct to your Kindle.

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