eBay India gets new bastardised logo

By Chris Dawson December 2, 2012 - 12:08 am

Since eBay introduced their new logo that we’re now familiar with across the site and in marketing, you’ve probably noticed that whilst the old logo was often appended with, .de or .fr to denote different country sites, the new one is not.

eBay have gone for one clear branding across all sites with one logo (and a similar but all blue logo for eBay Inc).

Now however one of the last eBay sites has rolled the logo out, but they’ve broken the new “logo only” branding. was last in line to display the updated logo which only . Unlike all other sites however, they’re proudly displaying an “” version of the logo.

I imagine that having spent a fortune in rebranding and rolling out the new logo’s, the marketplace guys won’t be too pleased to see that eBay India have ignored the usage guidelines and gone their own way. Perhaps the brand guidelines didn’t make it to the sub-continent, but it will be interesting to see if they’re allowed to keep the bastardised logo or if it’ll soon change to the “eBay” only logo to match every other site across the world.

  • board_surfer
    9 years ago

    It just looks like there is a word missing off the end..Ebay in what??

    • rick
      9 years ago

      ebay IN puddleglums Rest of course

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