Buying on eBay & Amazon: Deals

By Chris Dawson December 9, 2012 - 7:27 am

Both eBay and Amazon run deals throughout the year, the main difference being that eBay have daily and weekly deals with stock supplied by third party merchants and Amazon run lightening deals with their own retail stock.

We’ve just seen Amazon’s Black Friday deals and at the same time eBay ran their Sunday Spectacular deals over a three week period. The question is which site is winning the battle of the deals this Christmas?

There’s absolutely no question that Amazon win purely based on number. Whilst we don’t know their sell through rates, Amazon had many more products on offer for each day of their Black Friday deals, which ran for a week. Selling in what appeared to be vast quantities, they selected in the main products which were popular, but weren’t massively discounted this year. There were no £50 Xbox, Playstation or Wii deals as have been seen in previous years. Discounts were generous, but there weren’t any absolute killer deals.

eBay only had around 40 deals each day of their Sunday Spectacular, but they also negotiated much deeper discounts on the top products in comparison to Amazon. With prices anything up to 75% off there were some truly stunning bargains to be had.

Whilst there’s no easy way to directly compare the two sites on pure sales, eBay have definitely edged ahead in the marketing. Both eBay and Amazon have TV adverts running, but eBay’s have been running for longer and attracted large amounts of interest from their print and radio adverts for the Sunday Spectaculars.

Whilst many have complained that last weekend’s eBay Social Shopping Experience was only held in London, eBay’s Christmas marketing really has been superb this year and anecdotal evidence tends to suggest there’s been a lot more traffic to the site on Sunday mornings than might otherwise have been expected.

Amazon run their Lightening deals every week from Monday to Wednesday so keep an eye on the site to make sure you don’t miss a bargain. , but they seem to be topping up deal inventory on an almost daily basis at the moment so check back frequently to snag those last Christmas presents.

  • John Pemberton
    5 years ago

    I bought nothing on amazon and everything on ebay. Much better presented deals.

  • Deals should be on that should be the only motive of buyers as them can buy at best price in these deals and seller also benefit because there is huge sale when an offer is announced. So it’s a grabbing offer at both end and a nice way to welcome Christmas.

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