Amazon Webstore launches in Germany

By Dan Wilson December 11, 2012 - 3:53 pm

Amazon has announced that their webstore product has launched in Germany. As we’ve reported elsewhere on Tamebay, the existing UK Amazon Webstore product has also been overhauled.

An Amazon webstore allows you to create your own multi-channel ecommerce webstore using the Amazon platform and infrastructure. The package includes all the backend tools you’d expect to successfully manage an online retail business. Of particular benefit to many users already using the webstore, it integtrates with other Amazon services like “Selling on Amazon”, “Fulfilment by Amazon” and “Amazon Payments”

Merchants can fully brand the Amazon technology and existing users include big brand names Samsonite, Marks and Spencer, MTV and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

And to coincide with the launch of Webstore in Germany, there is a pricing promotion offering 6 months free with T&Cs. (Here’s the link, my GCSE German (grade A!) doesn’t stretch to deciphering it, so if any cunning linguists want to offer a translation, I’d be ever so grateful.)

“With Amazon Webstore retailers and manufacturers can now easily and cost effectively build and operate a world-class e-commerce business. With the ability to brand and tailor their website they can create a compelling customer experience helping to increase traffic and drive sales,” says Bodo Kipper, Director Merchant Services at Amazon. “And the Amazon infrastructure enables sellers to build their online-shop on a solid and secure base and use the numerous advantages resulting in the knowledge of being one of the leading e-commerce companies.”

To find out all about Amazon Webstore in Germany. Check out the Amazon DE Webstore homepage. (Which is, needless to say in German.)

  • Gary
    5 years ago

    Fees are much much lower than ebay.

    This is BIG competition for ebay. Around £20 per month plus 2% sale fees plus 1.9% + 25p payment fees.

    If you choose in addition to list on the main Amazon site also and deliver through Amazon fees are 7% and monthly fee is about £30.

    Trouble is Amazon don’t do collectables so not much use for many ebayers.

    • Gary
      5 years ago


      Didn’t see the reference to the UK store!

      Just checked the fees for an Amazon UK store.


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