15% off Collect Plus on eBay until the New Year?

By Chris Dawson December 26, 2012 - 11:25 am

Apparently Collect Plus are offering 15% off their standard postage rates from today until the 31st of January 2013. Sellers just need select Collect+, print a label from My eBay and drop their parcel off at one of over 5,000 shops nationwide.

We’d love to tell you more details but unfortunately everyone is on holiday today and . Oops!

There’s a page on eBay will the discount levels which rise to 15% for heavier items.

Still if you are selling anything and want to save on postage we’re hoping that the promotion has actually started so give the guys at Collect Plus a try.

  • Toby
    6 years ago

    Only 15% off the 10Kg price
    10% off the 5Kg price
    2.5% off the 2Kg price

  • Gerry007
    6 years ago

    My Local Collect+ shop, has decided he will NOT take any parcel over 4kg, as he says that is the limit told to him by the rep.

    He really does not seem to understand there are 3 different weight scales & even though it says it on the packet label, he insists he is right.
    He said THE OTHER DAY HE CANNOT HANDLE HEAVIER PACKETS & JUST AS HE SAID IT A CUSTOMER BOUGHT A BLOODY GREAT BOX to be returned to some mail order Co with Collect+, 50x50x40cm, but was no heavier than my little packet [10x10x20cm], Yes you’ve got it, took the other packet without question….

    • 6 years ago

      In urban areas there is probably not a great distance between Collect+ shops. It is differant in Rural Areas where villages tend to be 3 or so miles apart and if there is not one in your home village(as there is not in my village) there could be quite a drive to find one.

      However the basic rule should be that if you want a service(such as Collect+) and the local shop does not provide it(perhaps because they do not understand the service that they are supposed to provide) then look around for another shop that does understand the rules and put all your business through that shop.

  • Toby
    6 years ago

    Used their Jiffy service with a 1.95Kg parcel via eBay.
    Dropped it off on Thursday [N.Yorks], Courier Collected Friday & delivered on Saturday [Somerset].

    A great service for a 60% less than Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded or 50% less with our Parcelforce contract.

    • Craig
      6 years ago

      I have used them on a handful of occasions this year. I have noticed their delivery time seems to have improved recently, although I wonder how much of this is down to the recent loss of a major customer? I do find Collect+ insistence of only using Jiffy bags for upto 2KG, £3.99 rate, annoying, together with their rather restrictive parcel size of 30x30x50. IMHO I prefer myhermes parcelshop over Collect+, its cheaper (certinaly upto 2kg) and allows larger sized parcels.

  • Tony
    6 years ago

    I was thinking of giving this a try, but as I am vat registered, how do I obtain a vat receipt for this payment?

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