Top 10 burdensome EU legislative acts for SMEs

By Chris Dawson November 1, 2012 - 1:10 pm

The European Commission launched a public consultation on the 2Top 10 most burdensome EU legislative acts for SMEs”. This legislation affects you in many ways including Distance Selling Regulations and Cross Border Trade. It also impacts everything from Product Safety to Employment and purchasing of services for your business.

The European Commission say that regulation brings benefits – It protects consumers, workers and the environment. However they recognise that regulation can also entail costs for businesses and particularly for small and medium-sized business that play a key role for growth and job creation in Europe. They want to know which pieces of legislation are the most problematic for you to comply with and which incur the biggest costs for your business.

eBay will be participating in this process on behalf of its customers, but you can ensure your individual voice is also heard directly through the European Commission online questionnaire.

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