Movember boosts moustache related products on Alibaba

By Chris Dawson November 11, 2012 - 7:21 pm

We’re 11 days into the moustache growing season, Movember, which not only raises awareness for prostate cancer, but has created a growing trend for others to join in and wear a moustache. It’s had one other effect as well, a trend in ecommerce for moustache related items.

Alibaba has seen a year-on-year 131% increase in moustache related searches in the UK, the US is even higher with a 315% year on year rise. The most popular moustache related products include, plastic moustaches, stick-on moustaches, moustache glasses and moustache brushes.

There was also an increase in global online searches for hair trimmers (12.7%) and shaving cream (25%), for the stylish moustache groomers trying to keep their facial bushes in check. Another probable reason for an increase in these products is that small businesses are getting ready for the men to shave off their taches at the end of Movember.

Movember officially started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 with only 30 participating Mo Bros. Over 1.9 million people have participated in Movember and in 2011, over 854,000 people around the world raised over £79.3 million.

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