More Sunday Spectacular deals coming

By Chris Dawson November 14, 2012 - 12:06 pm

eBay ran a hugely successful set of last weekend and it looks like there’ll be more to come in the run up to Christmas. There were sold out the entire inventory of 750 iPads along with 2000 GSD hair straighteners and 2000 Paul Smith perfumes as well as a string of other great offers.

Now I should come clean and remind readers that I was hyper-critical of the eBay Deals team this time last year berating them for lack of Christmas deals. This year I’m full of admiration for the team as it looks like they’re doing a fantastic job of driving Christmas shoppers to the site. They Daily and Weekly deals are full of split by price (under £20, £50 and £100) and “For Him”/”For Her”.

There’s also a fully stocked with everything from Xbox 360s to bikes and one of my favourites remote control helicopters.

The theme for this year’s Christmas promotions is “From eBay with Love”, with a cute bauble Christmas decoration logo and the campaign is supported with print and radio, as well as TV adverts which major on mobile. You can download and listen to last week’s eBay Christmas Spectacular radio ad from the button below.

It’s already hard miss eBay’s Christmas promotions and we’re expecting them to step up as the big day draws nearer, although eBay naturally aren’t sharing their plans but are saving some surprises for later. However they did tell us that the campaign will continue to run over the coming weeks and we’ve already spotted a sign on the page announcing more great deals are on the way this coming Sunday.

We don’t know what will be on offer yet, but judging by last Sunday’s deals there will be some cracking offers. If you want to snag a bargain set your alarm clock and log on at 8am on Sunday or the chances are the deals will be snapped up and you’ll miss out.

  • 5 years ago

    eBay do appear to have finally turned a corner, certainly a much nicer site to shop on these days, I know for a fact my wife so far has bought every Christmas present this year on eBay and paid with Paypal.

  • Robert Mansell
    5 years ago

    However ebay have done their best to devalue the paypal pound by reducing the ammount of small sellers which results in less paypal pounds to spend on ebay.

    It’s ok having these big businesses on ebay but they will all take their money out of the “System”

  • Darren
    5 years ago

    …..who will win. I see amazon announced “black Monday” on their site.

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