eBay Fashion Multi Varitation Merger tool

eBay have a new tool in your My eBay applications, a Multi Variation Merger Tool. We’ve already had a few questions on the tool so will try to address them all:

Multi Variation Merger

It’s designed for sellers in the Fashion Category. If you’re selling in other categories you’ll probably get the messages that you have no remaining listings to merge into new multi-variation listings.

eBay’s algorithm makes suggestions of items that appear to share a lot in common. The seller has the final word and decide which of the recommended items will be merged.

By using the new Multi Variation Merger tool, you can keep the Best Match score associated with your most popular individual listing – eBay will pick your strongest performing listing to merge lower Best Match scoring items to be merged into. This will mean increased visibility for your other items that may have performed less strongly in the past.

You’ll save money by paying only one insertion fee per Multi-variation listing and not multiple insertion fees for each variation.

To merge or not to merge

Merging listings should increase visibility as well as give buyers the ability to see the same item in different colours and sizes thus increasing conversion rates once they land on your listing. However you should only merge listings which are essentially the same item with minor differences such as colour, size, pattern etc. Don’t merge a casual shirt with a dress shirt or jeans with chinos.

If you’ve had the opportunity to test the tool let us know how you got on.

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Thanks for the heads up. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I got valuable news from Tamebay, rather than from Ebay, or anywhere else.

Rich • 3rd November 2012 •

I tried to use the tool. Although the application recognised basic groupings for merger, it didn't recognise all the variants. So for instance on one type of pants it showed 3 colours that might be merged whereas I have 7 adverised. It may be I am not doing something right but I don't think so.

Rich • 6th November 2012 •