Day to Day eBay GEW event

By Chris Dawson November 17, 2012 - 12:03 am

Prabhat Shah of Day to Day eBay was busy running an event this week introducing eBay, Amazon and Play to local Welsh businesses in Caerphilly.

It’s always great to hear of people passing on their knowledge, especially during Global Entrepreneurship Week, which Prabhat’s event was part of. I spoke to a couple of local London retailers myself this week at the Online Seller meetup and they too were keen to find out more on how to make a success online. Retailers up and down the country are struggling and the Internet is the one way open to many of them to grow their businesses and indeed for some simply to survive.

The theme of Global Entrepreneurship Week was “Pass It On”. Bravo to Prabhat for sharing his knowledge, and if you’re holding a similar event let us know about it. It’s always good to hear what our readers are doing to help others grow their businesses.

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