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By Chris Dawson September 25, 2012 - 3:08 pm

Frooition have announced “Frooition Signature” a new top end design solution which enables eBay sellers to create and update their own professional eBay store.

The big advantage of Signature over a Frooition Pro design is that with Signature you have complete control of your design and are able to change the look & feel of your eBay store whenever you like. One of the issues in the past with a customised shop and listing template is that whenever you wanted to make a small change you had to get your designer to do it for you, Signature from Frooition solves this enabling you to build your landing page, custom pages, promotion boxes and unique product promotions on the fly without needing any HTML coding knowledge at all.

What is Frooition Signature?

Signature is built with a library of modules to choose from which you can then drag and drop to build your template. You can create unlimited product boxes and static promotion boxes as well as make use of eBay generated content with modules to display dynamic store categories and searches.

Of course you’ll need a certain amount of inhouse expertise to use Frooition Signature, although you will be supplied with a premium branded design to your own specifications to use as a default. To make full use of Signature though, you’ll want to be in a position to source your own stock images and banners for your store, although Frooition can do this for you if required. For those who want full control over their eBay shop with advanced capabilities such as image mapping (making parts of an image clickable) Signature is a choice worth considering.

Who is Frooition Signature for?

Frooition Signature is ideal for Top Rated sellers and especially for high street retailers coming onto eBay who want their eBay shop to fully reflect their own website and instore experiences, as they can rebuild their eBay shop front from scratch and will already be generating the background images they’ll require.

If you have a large inventory of seasonal stock and want to rebuild your eBay shop regularly to highlight different products Frooition Signature is also great for you, as it is if you have vastly differing product lines and wish to build different category pages (e.g. one for men’s clothes and another for women’s or one for golf equipment and another for fishing tackle).

The main difference you’ll find with Frooition Signature compared to Frooition Pro is that with Signature you’ll be supplied with a widget style framework within which you can build your own design and then tear it down and rebuild again at will.

Building an eBay shop with Frooition Signature

Overview of Frooition Signature

  • Kevin Ashman
    9 years ago

    This all sounds good, but where are the prices? Why can’t these companys be upfront with their costs? Are they so high they have to get the hook in before they disclose?

    • 9 years ago

      As far as I know costs for Frooition are £2.50/mth for Froo Apps Listing Template, Around £1000 upwards for Frooition Pro (depending what you want, shop and/or listing template with Advanced and Top Seller options). Frooition Signature being the top of the range option would cost more, but again would depend on your exact requirements.

    • Kevin Ashman
      9 years ago

      Thanks Chris,

      I think we might need to sell a little more first then….lol

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