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By Chris Dawson September 5, 2012 - 11:25 am

eBay Help Me Shop

eBay have a new social shopping feature on the site named ““, which is designed to be a fun and easy way to get shopping advice from your friends from Facebook. You simply save items from any website to the Help Me Shop bookmarklet in your browser bookmarks bar, then invite your friends to help you decide what to buy.

The idea is that you add items from eBay or any other shopping website to your list and then select items from your stash of saved items, create a poll and allow your Facebook friends to vote on which option you should buy. You can either invite your friends to vote privately or post the poll on your publicly on your Facebook wall. If you’re voting on a friends poll you’ll even be able to nominate items they should buy instead of their own selections!

If you’d like to road test the new social shopping experience, and for our US readers the same feature is available on

Get your friends to help you shop

  • Tony
    9 years ago

    Interesting. Also, I don’t know how many of your readers are new eBay sellers – I have been selling on eBay now for 10 years, so I’m well used to it – but I set up my wife’s first selling account for her list night and was simply amazed at how hard it was. And that’s for me, an experienced seller, too. There were supplementary agreements, becasue she wants to sel internationally. She wants to use PayPal for her seling fees: there’s a compulsory agreement that she had to sign up to to let eBay raid her PayPal account. Sure, you can opt out of that later but still it’s a bit harsh. I find that there are selling restrictions – 10 items per month for new sellers. There’s also a delay in listing – 20 hours after the listing, I can now see the listing on eBay. But it took them that long to get it on there – and she has paid for 7 days’ visibility, not 6.2 or whatever.

    Plus there are of course PayPal holds on new sellers, which means she has to send her goods out without any assurance she will get her money. The evil PayPal/eBay unholy alliance at work again….

    What a palaver. This is simply no longer easy!

    Help me shop? Help me sell, more like!!

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