Poor internet coverage still a problem, say SMEs

By Dan Wilson August 23, 2012 - 7:01 am

Research has revealed that small businesses are worried about the speed and coverage of internet access accross the nation. A survey of 1500 British small businesses shows that 57% beleive that the poor quality of their internet access detrimentally affects their ability to do business effectively.

Nearly two-thirds of businesses (65%) say that there is still a rural urban internet divide. Many businesses in rural areas are unable to take advantage of new commercial opportunities the web brings.

This is at odds with Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP who has put speed, rather than coverage, at the heart of the coalition government’s internet strategy.

Matt Barrie, CEO of, which commissioned the research said: “reliable and robust internet access is essential for all UK businesses to take advantage of new business opportunities the Internet provides. It is isn’t just ecommerce, but businesses are now relying on cloud technology as well as carrying out important business communications. It shouldn’t be easier for someone in London to have a business Skype call with someone in Pakistan than with someone in Halesworth in Suffolk.”

Do you have the internet that you need to run a profitable business?

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