Amazon home page gets a makeover

By Chris Dawson August 20, 2012 - 4:12 am

Amazon have launched a new look and feel to their home page. Gone is the familiar orange and blue menus to be replaced by grey. They’ve also got a lot more “white” space than previously.

Currently the home page features a Kindle advert, which is the center of five Amazon properties highlighted – LOVEFiLM, Amazon MP3, Kindle, Amazon Apps and Audible.

I like the way that the sign in and account button is much more prominent, alongside the Basket and Wishlist links. Lower down the page are Popular Searches, Recent History and other product suggestions Amazon believe you may be interested in.

It’s a shame really that this is just a home page makeover, currently all Amazon product pages still have the familiar blue and orange menus, but I’m liking the new home page design a lot. It does make the rest of Amazon look a bit 1990s, whilst the home page is most definitely well into the 2000s. I’m looking forward to when they revamp the rest of the site to match.

Thanks go to Innovation Inception (trading on eBay as ) for spotting the change

  • 8 years ago

    Long overdue. Looks better, but they should have gone further. Like I know better than Amazon. Hahah hahaha!

  • 8 years ago

    Noticed this cropping up a while back, must have been testing it.

    Love the new look though.

  • TheShopkeeper
    8 years ago

    I’m guessing they’ve just changed the home page so they can monitor what impact it has on SEO. Then there will presumably be tweaks and minor adjustments before they implement updates to the product pages. All this of course is just supposition! 🙂

  • Mark B
    8 years ago

    Nice homepage tweak, but quite UNBELIEVABLE most of their internal pages are from the 90’s!

  • trashy
    8 years ago

    they could have squeezed a bit of cookie compliance into the new page though.

    • 8 years ago

      They don’t need to… they’re based in Luxembourg and not subject to the pointless EU bureaucratic red tape that the rest of us have inflicted upon us.

      Mind you… that’s not to say that maybe they shouldn’t comply anyway, just that the EU has no power to force them to.

      What I’m interested in is why has the EU gone so overboard on cookies and yet no one has pointed out to the idiots in power that such things as flash cookies exist and so they’re not mentioned in the edicts from the EU?

      Are flash cookies somehow less intrusive because you can’t even delete them without visiting the Adobe website? I’d say they’re a darn sight more intrusive!

    • 8 years ago

      Luxembourg is also in the EU(and have been in the EU & Common Market etc much longer than we have). The point is that some Governments and Bureaucracies stick completely to the EU rules even “Gold Plating” the EU Rules. Other Governments and Bureaucracies only operate the bits of EU Rules and Regulations that are in their benefit and ignore the rest.

      We should get out of the EU. In the 1950’s and 60’s “Self Determination” was one of the great Rallying Calls for Independance amongst the old British Empire Countries. It meant determining their own future without having to refer all the tiome to London. We need “Self Determination” to get away from the dead and very corrupt hand of Brussels.

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