Watch with eBay iPad app updated for Olympics

By Chris Dawson July 30, 2012 - 9:09 pm

Watch With eBay, originally launched in November 2011 as an extension of the eBay for iPad app, has been updated with a special, interactive London Olympics section (although eBay refer to it as the “summer games section” to avoid any charge by LOCOG that they’re infringing on the brand.

Sadly only available in the US, Watch with eBay enables you to find and buy items related to what you’re currently watching on television. The app syncs with your television and shows program-specific, in context items so US eBay users will be able to shop for merchandise and memorabilia from their favorite athletes while watching them go for the gold.

The app includes a program guide consumers can use to access content related to their favorite television shows in real time. I’m probably not the only person who’s watched repeats of Dragon’s Den and browsed to see whether the featured companies are still trading today and even over the weekend I’ve seen friends browsing to see what the Olympic medals are made from while watching the 2012 Games.

It’s a shame the iPad app isn’t available for the UK, but if you’re one of Tamebay’s US readers and are watching the Olympics, then check out Watch With eBay on your iPad.

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