eBay UK Summer Seller Release

By Chris Dawson July 24, 2012 - 11:39 am

One line summary

Some good stuff (Seller Protection), a few niggles (Item Specifics and Category Changes), a bit of a shocker (Featured First ending), but everything is overshadowed by a tremendous cross border trade opportunity.

eBay Summer Seller Update

Cross Border Trade

In today’s seller updates eBay have announced that from November for the price of an Anchor Shop you can list on all of eBay’s European sites as well as eBay Australia for free. Plus you get low 3 cent listings on as an added bonus. Our quick calculation at Tamebay HQ says that you only need about 100 listings that you want to sell Internationally to make this a great deal. There’s also International Shipping updates and Listing Translation to make cross border trade easier than ever before.

Search Changes

There’s some not so good news for those that use Featured First listings, they’re going to be discontinued this Autumn. The Duplicate Listings Policy will be extended to include Auctions with Buy It Now, and the listing process will be a little more onerous due to new legal requirements.

Seller Protection

Better news is that eBay have listened to the 100s of sellers who wanted protection from the odd dodgy buyer. They’re to introduce a “Report a Buyer” feedback option and they’re going to make buyers communicate with sellers before they can open frivolous buyer protection cases.

Category specific changes

There are tweaks coming down the line for Clothes Shoes & Accessories that you’ll want to be aware of if you sell in that category. If you’re a tech seller you need to be aware that listings for CPUs/Processors, Server CPUs/Processors, Motherboards and PC Desktops & All-in-Ones will need to be matched against eBay Catalogue. There are also a few category changes.

Finally some housekeeping changes

• You’ll be able to choose whether to show the checkout comments box or not by deselecting the option in My eBay

• You’ll be able to add more details about the condition of items.

• You’ll also want to add product identifiers to your listings to appear in Google Product Search (Google Shopping).

• The business policy tool enabling you to edit all of your policies in one place has been delayed and won’t be available in the near future.

• My Messages will copy replies you send from your email client directly into your eBay My Messages sent items.

Tamebay’s Take on the Seller Update

There’s a lot to digest in this update, but most of it won’t affect your day to day business. A few more item specifics to complete and product identifies to add covers most of the boring stuff. Unless you used Featured First the search changes won’t affect you – just carry on doing what you’re doing to ensure your listings get found.

The big news and the only thing that really matters is the cross border trade news. Although an Anchor shop may look expensive, when your crunch the numbers it’s a bargain. Up until now it wasn’t worth paying for an Anchor shop unless you had over 6,000 live fixed price listings. With the cross border trade deal that number drops to around 100 active listings and upgrading to Anchor will save many sellers significant sums on their overseas insertion fees. If you’re not already selling overseas this should be your incentive to start!

  • st georges dragon
    8 years ago

    report the buyer sounds like lip service and a waste of time , a buyer only needs to re register and its all for nought,

    the rest seems quite interesting and needs digesting

    • 8 years ago

      Once or twice a year eBay announces a new way to report your buyers. How is this any different than all the other attempts they made since 2008?

  • 8 years ago

    Argggggh wheres the free extra images!!!!
    I am sick of customers that can’t – don’t scroll down as far as the descriptions to see my extra images. We then get the question HOW BIG IS IT (oooo er).
    We then reply with a polite template email regarding the extra images against a ruler if they would care to scroll down the description slightly. and have free extras PLEASE when.

    The suns got to me.

    • 8 years ago

      You’re right, 12 free gallery images in all categories would have been very welcome!

    • Alan
      8 years ago

      “Sick of customers”??

      Wow, what a great attitude you have. You’ll go far.

    • 8 years ago

      If you are going to slag my message at least quote it in it’s entirety.
      I said “I am sick of customers that can’t – don’t scroll down as far as the descriptions to see my extra images.”

      I love customers. Any customer is great. What annoys me is when they can’t be bothered to look.

      If the ebay extra images are at the top with the main image, like Amazon, it will stop them having to scroll down.
      Well for the images anyway.

    • 8 years ago

      I think it’s fair to note that somewhere in the region of 20% of eBay UK buyers shop using mobile devices.

      If you’ve not browsed eBay using an Android, Blackberry or iPhone app then you should to understand what your buyers are seeing.

      Basically they get the Title, Gallery images, item specifics and not a lot else to base their buying decision on.

      If you have a rich HTML description with images embedded in it then a) it looks crap on a mobile and b) it’s an extra click for a buyer to view the description and I suspect that many don’t.

      20% of buyers potentially not seeing your extra images clearly is quite a lot!

    • 8 years ago

      Of course Chris, you are right, once again. I suppose I stupidly think of how I would buy an item. If I was to look at a silver charm I would want to see how big it is and it’s weight. Whereas many people will think charms are all the same size B-). If 20% don’t get shown the description – extra images without the extra clicks that makes sense.
      I was told by ebay, earlier in the year, that free extra images SHOULD be in the next batch of releases but it isn’t.
      Never mind.
      Keep up the good work Chris.

  • Barry O'Connor
    8 years ago

    I think these changes are totes amazing, I love ebay and everything they do is wonderful. x

  • JD
    8 years ago

    So what are the full ramifications of the cross border trade changes?

    For instance if I have 1 item (as a 1 off) on BIN on do the changes mean that this will get no default visibility on other sites or simply no visibility at all?

    Up to now I have listed all my BINs on the UK site and around 50% have been sold overseas. Clearly a one off cannot be listed seperately on 3 sites at once and as a seller of mostly one off BINs I can only see this as a problem.

  • Gareth
    8 years ago

    I was looking towards upgrading to an anchor shop later this year, so it seems like good news.
    I would be interest like JD, to see what they do with international visibility as it currently stands.
    When the changes are made, will we need to manually list our BINs on every EU site available? Isn’t this going to flood certain countries with listings that aren’t in their native language? As anyone who speaks a second language knows, online translation can totally corrupt the meaning of things, and can lead to much misunderstanding and frustration between buyer and seller.

    • JD
      8 years ago

      I have never listed on a site other than in English. But as I said above sell around 50% overseas.

      I am totally comfortable with overseas buyers when they buy my stuff ‘in English’.

      But not so comfortable when any tp translation may be built in.

    • Gareth
      8 years ago

      95% of my eBay customers are overseas – primarily in the USA, I get very few domestic customers because I opened my shop on instead. I don’t think this is a bad thing, though as my account is rated on UK transactions, it seems a bit silly to have a few thousand positive feedback, and yet my account status is based on just a small handful of transactions.

      I have had Spanish customers write to me in Spanish before now, and have so far been able to communicate with translation software. I’m covered for French or Italian, but if I get say a Scandinavia customer who doesn’t speak English, I can imagine the translations are trickier and more complicated.

  • Mark B
    8 years ago

    Simon – free images would have been not just welcome but logical. It incentivises sellers to add more which can only be a good thing for buyers, especially with rising mobile purchases, and return rates with cross border trade. And would have been nice to help us trim costs!

    All in all I am loathe to say, a thumbs down for this seller release and the demise of featured listings. All in all a fairly dissapointing day for UK (only) sellers who can’t quite ship their items (eg large heavy goods) within 1 working day!

  • 8 years ago

    I can almost guarantee that the more useful of these announcements will not actually appear, some of the last lot of announcements have still not been implemented, product bundles being the main bug bear for us, eBay tell us to get ready and 15 months and 2 updates down the line we are still ready…

    …and still waiting

  • Elvis
    8 years ago

    How many ebay sites are there in Europe?

    Would I need to set up a new ID on each ebay site, or can i list to them all via my account?

    • Elvis
      8 years ago

      I know there’s

      Any others?

    • 8 years ago

      go to and look for the “ebay sites” link at the bottom of the page

    • 8 years ago

      You don’t have to create separate accounts for each regional eBay site – you can login with your details on any website and list that way.

      Alternatively, simply use Turbo Lister and download additional countries you want to list on.

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