The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

By Chris Dawson June 3, 2012 - 10:18 am

It would be remiss of Tamebay to totally ignore the world’s 2nd longest serving monarch* as she floats down the Thames today, to mark 60 years of ruling the world, although she doesn’t rule quite as much of it as in Victorian times. Nevertheless it’s a remarkable achievement to be marked by the river pageant, the first in some 350 years.

Monarchist or anti-monarchist today is a day to remember and one that’s unlikely to be ever repeated in the near future. However if you’re looking for irreverent commentary then following @Queen_UK on twitter will give you more amusing insights to the day’s events than perhaps the BBC will broadcast. I’m so looking forward to the dry commentary on the TV as presenters struggle to gaze through the inevitable drizzle and inform us that nothing much is happening as the boats gather for the off, I’m sure the @Queen_UK twitter stream will provide many with a little light relief.

Today’s @Queen_UK twitter updates kicked off with “Bit hectic at the palace. The DoE’s frying up a light breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, potatoes, tomatoes and black pudding and beans.” and they’ll be following the events of the day in a similar vein.

As Queen of sixteen sovereign nations, Head of the Commonwealth, and Defender of the Faith, she is one of the world’s most well-known and powerful leaders and has reigned for 60 years. But what does she really think? @Queen_UK knows and “One’s new book is out now in paperback as a special Diamond Jubilee edition” and aims to tell all. “One wanted to call it “The Empire Strikes Back” but it was generally felt that might intimidate the smaller nations.” These diaries reveal the seldom-seen workings of state and reveal how an octogenarian is quietly ruling the world and still has time for a gin.

You can grab a copy of for under a tenner. Alternatively you can save some money and buy them on Amazon for as little as £5.17.

* Rama IX of Thailand is the world’s longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history and about to start his 66th year as King.

  • Gerry007
    7 years ago

    Must buy a copy, the preview is quite funny.

    I’ll have to search for that bottle of Gin. In a cupboard somewhere, then a funny night in!!.

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