Google Analytics adds new tools for SMEs

By Dan Wilson June 12, 2012 - 6:57 am

If, like me, you are a massive fan of Google Analytics, then you’ll be interested in some of the new tools they’ve just released to help website owners track the activity and success of their online prescence.

If you haven’t got Google Analytics installed on your ecommerce shop or SME website, then we advise to to install it immediately. It’s free and extremly powerful.

Of the the three headline changes reported by Google, I like the sound of the Content Experiments feature best. Whenever you are testing designs it can be immensely useful to roadtest which is working best. The new Content Experiements feature will help you A/B test.

Other developments include tracking for those social shares so you know how your content is being pimped around the web and there is also greater flexibility for the Dashboard meaning that you can amend it to show what you want. So you can get to the numbers you care about quicker.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, we heartily recoemmend it. Find out more in this introductory video:

  • Bigman
    8 years ago

    Could Google have chosen a woman with a more annoying voice?

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