10 Rules for Successful Email Marketing

By Chris Dawson June 12, 2012 - 5:27 am

If you’ve experimented with email marketing but had at best mixed results then the new 10 Rules for Successful Email Marketing is the guide for you. It runs through 10 steps which can improve your returns on email marketing along with case studies of how others have succeeded.

An example given in the guide is who had built up a significant email marketing list but whose campaigns were either very general featuring a random selection of products,and probably completely irrelevant to a large percentage of recipients. Find out how withing 48 hours they qualified 18% of their subscribers and knew exactly what kind of offers and information would get those subscribers converting into returning repeat customers.

Don’t think that email marketing is complicated, the guide even tells you how to use text only emails to full effect and is packed with tips and tricks to engage your customers and get them buying from you again and again. The 10 Rules for Successful Email Marketing guide is totally free to download from iContact and if you put just a few of the 10 steps into practice you will almost certainly see an immediate and significant increase in sales.

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