eBay former head of Global Fashion Miriam Lahange says “Hello Vienna.”

By Dan Wilson May 3, 2012 - 7:54 am

Miriam Lahage, erstwhile Head of Global Fashion at eBay until the end of February, has revealed her new role on Twitter. She tweeted:

“Joining P&C as MD of New Business June 1. So excited! Work in Vienna Mon-Fri, back to London Sat-Sun, #LifeIsGood

P&C, to those of you not well aquainted with fashion brands in Germany and Austria, is Peek & Cloppenburg: a well respected fashion retailer. And it’s clearly a cushy number with lucrative benefits: she’ll be flying back and forth to the UK on weekends. And that ain’t cheap. Our poor planet. Think of the CO2 emissions. Still. It IS fashion.

I still think the key question has yet to be answered, dahlinks. Does my bum look big in this? No. Sorry. The key question!

“Did she jump or was she pushed?” Our enquiries have not answered those questions. But your Tamebay newshound can’t help noticing that leaving at the end of Feb -count the months: March, April, May – means a June 1st start date if you have a three month notice period. One thing we know: her garden must look lovely after all that leave, especially with this rain.

Hopefully this is the last I will have to write about the frankly almost entirely uninteresting Miriam Lahage. Honestly though, my bum. Big? Honestly though? Even in the jeggings?

  • Chris
    10 years ago

    Working on the basis that she is very busy during the week. If it had been me I think that I would stay in Vienna a few weekends as it is a beautiful city and with the Danube running through it and all of Austria on the doorstep. What can London offer to compare to that? Especially with the Olympics soon to happen(think if nothing else delays at the worst airport in the World-Heathrow). No I would certainly stay in Vienna, certainly for a few weekends.

    • Chris
      10 years ago

      Didn’t I hear on the news this morning that now there are strikes threatened at Heathrow during the Olympics. Yet another excuse(if one was needed) to stay in Vienna during the Olympics. After all travelling from Vienna to London for the weekend could see you having just enough time to say hello before you have to start the journey back to Vienna in time to arrive on Monday Morning.

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