Bon Voyage Richard Brewer-Hay @eBay Ink

By Chris Dawson May 23, 2012 - 11:34 pm

eBay Ink will never be quite the same again. It’s founding blogger (and only blogger barring guest posts), Richard Brewer-Hay better known as RBH is leaving. The good news is that he’s not going very far, just down the road a couple of blocks to eBay’s StubHub where he’ll be heading up their social media team.

In the four and a bit years as eBay’s corporate blogger he’s achieved a hell of a lot – 1,250 blog posts, 8,000+ comments, 13 earnings calls, 8 seller releases, 7 eBay: On Locations, 2 analyst days and an eBay Live. Well not quite, he’s all set to head off for his seventh eBay: On Location in Denver this Friday. I wish I was going to be there to buy him a beer or two, so if you’re going please do so on my behalf.

It’s a tough call to leave a blog and pass the reins on to someone else. Blogs are like your babies and it tugged at my heartstrings to see Tamebay torn down yesterday and six years work disappear even though I knew it was about to be reborn as Tamebay Mark III that you see today. I’m really not sure how I’d feel about handing over to someone else and trusting that they’d look after it.

Thankfully it’s not my turn today, but I’ve spoken to RBH on many an occasion over the years and the one thing I do know is that he leaves with eBay Ink in splendid order for the new team to take over and take it forward. I’m looking forward the fresh ideas and perspectives that are bound to come but thankfully it’s not farewell to RBH.

I’m looking forward to bending his arm to give us the inside lowdown on StubHub. It’s a younger business than eBay and expanding rapidly so it’s going to be very different to eBay Corporate. StubHub has already expanded to the UK but we don’t hear too much about it. Come June the 18th when he starts at StubHub we’ll be badgering RBH for some top tips on how to snag the best tickets.

Bon Voyage Richard, see you on the other side and I hope you get a well deserved break in the middle!

PS It’s still your turn to buy the beers!

  • 9 years ago

    Great job Richard and all the best. I hope the commute is better.

    Tell your boss, if they need a limey on the Ink desk. I wouldn’t mind a year in California!


  • DBL
    9 years ago

    Stubhub the @Ebayanorak s dream job. All those tickets, all those gigs, all that blogging about it. All the best RBH sorry to see you leave ebayink but soo looking forward to the @stubhub blog. Congrats me duck 😉

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