38 Tips to help you make more money on eBay

By Chris Dawson May 22, 2012 - 5:38 pm

Brightpearl have released a guide, “38 Kick Ass eBay Tips to help you Make More Money Online“. Whilst it’s intended for retailers or wholesale businesses thinking about getting started on eBay it’s also a pretty good review of what existing eBay businesses should be doing.

There’s sure to be some additional ways you can use this eBay to boost your sales. It could be improvements in the presentation of you product in the listings, the tightening up your shipping and packaging process, or developing the ways you interact with customers and suppliers. The 38 tips in the guide cover the entire process of how to select what to sell, when to decide it’s time to dump a product line, and in Alan Sugaresque Apprentice fashion how to “smell what’s selling” and follow the money.

Experienced sellers will be familiar with most of the 38 tips but having them all gathered together in one place makes for a perfect self assessment of how your business is performing and where you could improve. If you’re working as a trading assistant or consultant it’s a perfect guide for your clients to demonstrate how much your experience is worth and what you’ll be doing for them.

You can download “38 Kick Ass eBay Tips to help you Make More Money Online” for free from the Brightpearl website.

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