Tamebay Morsels 25/4/12: eBay case hits the Supreme Court

By Dan Wilson April 25, 2012 - 5:28 pm

Just a few motes of news that may be of interest, but which we can’t eke out a full post from.

The US Supreme Court is to hear a “grey market case“. A student imports textbooks from Thailand on the cheap and the resells them on eBay. The US publisher claims infringement. The Supremes will decide.

In Management Today, Aleesandro Coppo eBay’s Head of Classifieds asks the question: Why are British consumers so eager to shop online?

Is eBay a Buffett stock? This interesting look at eBay Inc.’s performance considers whether the Sage of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway supremo Warren Buffett, likes eBay.

Ahoy there! Rather more money than sense. Two novice sailors buy a yacht on eBay. Read about their disasterous maiden voyage.

The Guardian adjudicates in the case of a seller with a PC that gets damaged in transit.

  • John
    9 years ago

    These ‘bully brands’ have been doing this to lots of sellers. I hope this guy wins the case. Its not right that a manufacturer can control a global marketplace.

    See this:

  • hawkwind
    9 years ago

    On The Guardian adjudicates one this is class

    [quote]EBay has now also agreed to refund you, not as a result of your claim but as a gesture of goodwill because you are a long-standing customer.[quote]

  • Luke
    9 years ago

    I think we should all write to the Guardian when eBay take money off you for something that should have been refunded by you in the first place.

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