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By Chris Dawson April 11, 2012 - 10:37 am

If you’re an eBay seller and want to get your products onto Amazon then there’s a new service that might be worth taking a look at. Export Your Store have an eBay to Amazon export service and all you need to get going is an Amazon seller account.

One of the nice things about the service is how they handle item descriptions. While eBay allow to include images, graphics and HTML code in item description, Amazon restricts the content of the descriptions to text only. During the export Export Your Store strips out HTML from the description on eBay and imports a clean description to Amazon.

Additionally Amazon descriptions have to be generic as other sellers can list against the same ASIN. Product details, should not include any merchant-specific information. This includes business name, pricing information, or shipping information. During the export Export Your Store review and learn the way your eBay description looks and configure their system to automatically adjust your product descriptions to fit Amazon requirements. This stage is complicated, and handled by humans. Based on the number of the listings, the export process may take few days.

There is no back end administration area or new processes to learn, Export your store recognised that sellers are busy people and so enable you to carry on handling your inventory in whichever way you currently manage it. For example, if you are an eBay seller expanding to Amazon, you can continue manage your products on eBay (Add new items, end items, change inventory quantities) and they will do the hard work automatically behind the scenes to make sure that the changes are reflected on Amazon.

Costs vary according to how many products you have but start for sellers with 50 items with one time fee of $19 for export, with ongoing inventory sync and automatic export of new products costing $19 per/month. This rises to $149 for export of 1,000 products with ongoing inventory sync and automatic export costing $29 per/month.

  • 7 years ago

    This looks excellent on the surface.

    As pricing is in $ does this apply to Amazon UK also?

    We manufacture so don’t have bar codes etc, how does that effect the service on offer? if you want to contact me directly.

    • 7 years ago

      Hi Whirly, yes it works for Not sure how it works without barcodes etc, so I’ll leave Shiran to explain

    • 7 years ago

      Cheers Chris.

  • Hi Whirly,

    Having a PRO merchant account on Amazon enables you to list items without barcodes.
    We can publish the items to a general category or categories that might fit (if there are similar products).
    We’ll contact you right away, see what you manufacture and help you with the process if you like. Thanks for taking interest.

    • 7 years ago


      Just waiting on Amazon coming back to me, shut our account down with them a year or so ago as it was a waste of time, but might be worth re visiting if the price is right.

    • We’ll help with anything you need.
      We’re flexible and offer different packages/bundles, so we believe you’ll be satisfied.

  • 7 years ago

    When you can do this to a stand alone website, then I might be interested. 🙂

    • Hi Mark,
      We also have customers exporting from online stores to eBay, Amazon.
      Please contact us at and we’ll see how we can help with your store.

    • 7 years ago

      Most websites allow you to export everything as a csv file, so I am pretty sure Shiran would be able to use anything like that to process the product description and import to Amazon.

      Or am I wrong. B-)
      regards Simon

    • Hi Simon,
      That is what we will probably do and also customize the descriptions, photos, etc in order that all will comply with Amazon policy.

      Best (:

  • Danny R
    7 years ago

    Great service and very potential products. Have been using export for a while and it’s very beneficial.

  • The Shopkeeper
    7 years ago

    Amazon states under product identifier requirements:
    ‘We require standard product identifiers for most stores. For Baby Products, Camera & Photo, Computer & Video Games, Electronics, Home, Kitchen & Garden, Music, Software, Tools & Hardware, Toys & Games, and Video & DVD, your product must have a UPC or EAN.’

    Where do you see that an EAN or UPC is not required to create a product if you have a Pro Merchant account on

    • Alex
      7 years ago

      EAN or UPC or Part Number is required in the categories you mentioned, but not required in other categories such as Collectibles, Hobbies, Everything else, Jewelry

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