EMAIL launch in Brazil and Malaysia

By Dan Wilson April 27, 2012 - 4:30 pm

British based eBay wannabe,, are continuing their global expansion by launching services in Brazil and Malaysia. Buyers and sellers will be able to trade in the Brazilian Real and the Malaysian Rigga for the first time. eBid claims to have buyers in 100 countries and sellers in 23. eBid boast 5.4 million auctions running at the time of writing. There is no information available on eBid’s conversion rate.

eBid founder Mark Wilkinson says: “We’re proud to announce the launch of  eBid Brazil and eBid Malaysia which substantially expand the reach of eBid and  open up the ease of international sales to many millions more potential sellers.  We all know about ‘the other’ auction site, but we have also consistently  proven during our thirteen years of operation that customers ultimately prefer  to maximize their profits by avoiding high auction fees.  Staying competitive  has led to our success and worldwide growth. The launch of eBid  Brazil and eBid Malaysia are just the first steps in our 2012 growth.  We have  plans to continue our strategic territorial expansion throughout the coming  year.”

  • 10 years ago

    Great to hear about “strategic territorial expansion”.

    What I’d love to hear about though is what they’re doing to attract UK buyers to the site I’m not so sure a few Brazilians and Malaysians are the solution.

  • st georges dragon
    10 years ago


  • John
    10 years ago

    Ebid is a waste of time. I disagree with the statement “…customers ultimately prefer to maximize their profits by avoiding high auction fees”. Who are you kidding pal? Retailers want to sell their products, minimise the time taken to procure this. eBid in my experience has hardly any quality traffic, few active buyers, but lots of fake goods and dodgy sellers.

  • Mike
    10 years ago

    5.4 million auctions?

    This is what happens when you don’t have listing fees and can run your auction forever…

    I have sold a few bits and pieces via eBid in the past year, but overall I’m violently unimpressed with them and only leave a few things on there to add to my Internet prescence

  • Gary
    10 years ago

    What constitutes an auction?

    Does an item with an unrealistically high start price that is constantly rolled over with the seller hoping to eventually receive 1 bid constitute an auction?

    If ebid charged listing fees they may find that they actually have more buyers looking for bargains and more sales!

    • JD
      10 years ago

      This is exactly what can happen on eBay with their FLD. ie auctions started at what are effectively BIN prices.

      This is not so much of a problem now that FLD’s are generally limited to 100 items. However we still do see a lot of the same items every couple of weeks or so.

      My issue is that something offered for free has no value. Making a charge, however small, at the very least makes sellers think.

  • Chris
    10 years ago

    Somehow many moons ago I got on the ebid Newsletter email list. I have just received the April one. It quotes 5,812,734 Live Listings and 22,948 ebid Stores.

    I did browse on ebid a week or so ago. I did not see any fake items or other obviously fraudulent listings.

    However I was a little surprised by the Stores. There were a few with substantial numbers of items listed. But an enormous number with under 5 items listed.

    Why would anybody want a Store with only 2 or 3 items(and not particularly high priced items)listed?

    They have a Competition being run with a prize of $250 “to the person who starts the listing that ticks us over 6 million”. So obviously they have high expectations that 6 million is not far away.

    Before anybody asks I have never listed anything on ebid nor bought anything off ebid. I only go and have a browse occassionally(although I cannot say if I might list or buy on ebid in the future)

  • abydx
    10 years ago

    Unfortunately for ebid it does not have the financial backing to be a serious challenge to ebay so ebay continues to rinse what they can from SME’s and individuals and give special treatment to the big retailers. A different site to what it was meant to be and maybe should still be. Amazon ran at a loss for 10 years in order to dominate, kill of the little man and put itself on the top of the pile. If ebid had this kind of backing it would be a credible competitor but as it doesn’t get the financial support or the support of enough sellers it might eventually fail and only ebay will be happy about this. We should all try and support ebid as choice is important. I do not work for ebid – just getting more and more disgruntled with ebay.

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