eBay UK promote “Fast ‘n Free” shipping

By Chris Dawson March 7, 2012 - 12:25 pm

Over the holiday period in the US eBay tested a new logo when the listing offered free shipping and there was a high probability that the item will be delivered within 4 business days or less. Whilst I’ve never seen the logo displayed on the View Item page on eBay UK I’ve just spotted it at checkout.

There’s no delivery truck on the UK checkout “Fast ‘n Free” message, but it does highlight that shipping should be fast and the item should be delivered within a few days (in this case for an item purchased today eBay tell me that it should be delivered by Monday).

I do like this, although I was hoping the item might be delivered tomorrow or Friday as it’s shipping ParcelForce 24 hour… I’ll let you know when it actually arrives. Regardless it’s good to know that eBay are highlighting sellers who will ship fast.

I should mention that I saw the eBay Fast ‘n Free logo on a purchase from an eBay Outlet, let us know if you spot it on non-Outlet listings next time you’re shopping on eBay.

Edited to add: eBay have told us that this is being shown in error on a small number of listings in the UK. It should be fixed soon.

  • st georges dragon
    9 years ago

    total bollocks fast is not free ,free is not free ,
    ok for ebay to push it some silly bugger has to pay for it somewhere down the line

  • st georges dragon
    9 years ago

    on just one account our royalmail invoice this month was over £3000

    • Gary
      9 years ago

      If that invoice was all for 1st class recorded it would have been more like £5000.

      eBay don’t pay this do they?

      In the USA buyers pay fees on shipping costs so the only winner out of this is eBay. And I do mean buyers!

    • st georges dragon
      9 years ago

      you pay fees on shipping in the UK also
      though its by stealth
      as shipping costs are part of any price realised and invoiced for by ebay/paypal

    • Gary
      9 years ago

      True! You do pay Paypal fees on shipping costs so if you spend more on shipping for the next day tracked service then eBay win.

      How many of you take Paypal fees into account as a cost when calculating your shipping?

      £2000 x 3% = £60 so ebay/Paypal do well out of pressuring UK sellers to use next day tracked deliveries.

  • st georges dragon
    9 years ago

    ebay actively encourge the sellers race to the bottom,
    ebay sellers are like lemmings jumping off the cliff, only ebay are giving that extra little nudge to those teetering on the edge
    you can cut prices ,send post at no extra cost to buyer[free?],
    etc etc but you need to make money or your strawberry jam on the rocks

  • 9 years ago

    Saw that on a purchase I made on Saturday.

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