10% Discount vouchers for dormant eBay buyers

By Chris Dawson January 30, 2012 - 5:41 pm

TameBay have been a little lax on the spending front recently, at least that’s not quite true, both Dan and I have been busily spending money on eBay but on our personal eBay accounts.

Our TameBay eBay account hasn’t been used for buying for a couple of years but eBay haven’t given up on us – they’ve just sent us a 10% off voucher for anything between a £40 and £100 purchase on eBay.

Rather annoyingly I just purchased a from the weekly deals yesterday – if the voucher had been 12 hours earlier TameBay could have saved me £6.50 (grrr :-)).

It is good to know that eBay are tapping up dormant accounts to get them spending though. The UK is one of the most highly penetrated eBay markets in the world and there are only so many new buyers that they can bring to the site. Getting dormant buyers returning to the site and spending again is almost more important (and probably cheaper!) than recruiting a brand new buyer.

Did anyone else get a voucher? If so what did you spend yours on?

  • Chris
    10 years ago

    I welcome this promotion but I would include just one proviso. We have probably all had problems with buyers who do not pay or prove to be more trouble than they are worth. I find myself wondering if they will also receive this voucher. Amongst the above could be those who have made a nuisance of themselves on id after id. Those that have used and abused one id and then moved onto another id which they have in turn used and abused etc.

    While I would welcome back onto ebay every single good and reputable previous buyer I find myself hoping that we are not going to find a lot of dodgy characters turning up again.

  • Gary
    10 years ago

    I receive these eBay discount coupons from time to time.

    My last one was in August 2011 for 10% off, with no minimum spend and valid for 10 days.

    I received one in July 2011 for 15% off electronics, with a £100 minimum spend, but that was only valid for 3 days (unfortunately I found it after it had already expired, so was unable to use it).

    A few years ago eBay used to send discount coupons by post, but now I only get them by email. Apart from the 15% off electronics, all the other coupons have been for 10% off.

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